Congratulations, Fall 2023, Spring and Summer 2024 Copper Mountain College Graduates!

Your completion of an AA/AS Degree is a goal worth celebrating. This is an invitation for you to highlight your accomplishment by participating in the college-wide Commencement Ceremony. The following information will provide you with specific instructions regarding your participation.

Steps to Graduation and Participating in Commencement

  1. Petition to Graduate with a Degree
    • Petitions are accepted until March 1, 2024; email them to Janie Ramstorf.
  2. Receive an Invitation to Participate in the Commencement Ceremony Via Your CMC Student Email
    • Students who were awarded degrees during the previous fall and those who petitioned in the spring and summer will receive an email from Sandra Segura by mid-April.
    • This email contains information about the commencement ceremony and the RSVP to Participate in the Commencement Ceremony form, which must be returned to Sandra Segura by May 1st.
  3. Submit Your RSVP to Participate in Commencement Form
    • Be sure to return the RSVP to Participate Form included in your invitation email to participate by the May 1st deadline. This confirms your participation in the May 2024 Commencement Ceremony.
    • Submit the form to Sandra Segura.
  4. Purchase Cap, Gown, and Announcements
    • Commencement participants wear a black cap and gown. You may purchase your cap and gown in the General Ernie Reid Bookstore.
    • The cost of the cap, gown, and custom tassel is usually under $55. You may also purchase announcements at the Bookstore. 

If you have any questions about Commencement, please email Sandra Segura. If you have questions about graduation eligibility, please email Janie Ramstorf.

Graduation Requirements

You are responsible for meeting the full requirements for graduation as set forth in the College Catalog. Counselors will help you plan your program of study, but the final responsibility for meeting education requirements rests entirely with you.

You must complete a Petition to earn an associate’s degree in the semester before graduation. The deadline to file a petition to earn an associate’s degree is October 1st for Fall graduates and March 1st for Spring & Summer anticipated graduates.

Commencement FAQs