Stress, life, classes—it can add up. The good news: CMC offers counseling and advising for all students.

Every student faces academic questions:

  1. Which classes should I take this term?
  2. Math does me in. What kind of help can I get?
  3. Will what I’m taking transfer?

So, you can work with a counselor to plan and achieve your goals.

We have help, too, for those life and stress questions. Just raise your hand.

How CMC Students Achieve More: With Help from Day 1

Almost every CMC student works with an achievement counselor. You will, too, if you are working toward: 

Everyone at CMC has one goal: to make sure you succeed, and the Student Equity & Achievement Program is one way CMC makes sure of that. You’ll get help to pass your classes, earn your degree or certificate, and get ready to transfer to a 4-year school or start your career, and all before Day 1. 

All Copper Mountain students may access SEA and reap all the benefits it provides before you even start by working on your: 

The help doesn’t stop there, though. If you find yourself struggling over the semester and need some extra help, CMC won’t just stand by. You’ll find help and information for:  

You have all of CMC in your back pocket ready to help you as part of the SEA Program. If you have any questions, contact your counselor and they’ll go over any questions you may have.

Student Success