Your first stop was here. Your next stop is up to you, and we will help you get there.

Work with us to plan your route from CMC to a CSU, UC, or other 4-year university. Every school decides how it will apply your CMC credits; you need a plan based on your intended major and transfer school. Count on our experience.

What’s in the Transfer Center?

Transferring is a great goal! You’ll always be a Fighting Cactus to us; go forth and build your life.

Visit us at the Transfer Center for: 

Articulation Agreements

An Articulation Agreement is a document that lays out which courses at CMC will transfer to certain colleges and universities. Find out which universities — including UC, CSU, private universities, and more — have these transfer agreements in place with Copper Mountain College.


Learn how Copper Mountain College meets the standards of accreditation and how regional accredited schools are different (and better) than nationally accredited schools.

School Transfer Guide