Community, Friends, & Alumni Guide

Welcome friends and family to Copper Mountain College. You are our community. CMC is the people’s college, growing out of local support to develop a place for higher education in the Morongo Basin.

Whether you are looking to take a class, are curious about the tortoises, or want to develop new career skills, your place is at Copper Mountain College.

About the College

random structures and wood planks in the middle of the desert


CMC 2023 graduate smiling and holding up their diploma in the audience

Mission Statement

Reuben, Mariam, Julie, Roberto taking a photo in the Greenleaf library


Keep Learning

closeup of sketches - 4 of a person holding circular objects and 3 shaded images of the person walking and sitting

Community Education

2023 CMC graduates turning their tassels on their caps

GED/High School

two students sitting at a table smiling

English as a 2nd Language

The Area

tall trees with green leaves at the ends standing out in front of the bright blue sky and mountain

Desert Studies

tortoise walking through the desert

Tortoise Awareness

CMC campus map

Maps & Directions

Career and Resources

student examining experiment

Academic Programs

stairway down to the copper mountain college parking lot

Consumer Information

Copper Mountain College sign, palm trees, flagpole surrounded by plants and shrubs leading up to college entrance

Job Opportunities