What is ACCESS? (DSPS)

ACCESS is a federally mandated program for college students with a verified disability.  ACCESS services and accommodations allow students the equitable opportunity to complete their educational goals and participate in all programs and activities at CMC. ACCESS students receive an individualized academic accommodation plan specific to their educational limitations. 

Eligibility & Application 

Documentation can include but not limited to an IEP, psychological evaluation, 504 plan, current documentation or if you can obtain documentation from a doctor, therapist, audiologist or specialist.

If you are unable to obtain documentation, please see ACCESS for assistance.

Examples of qualifying disabilities: 

This list may not contain your specific disability. If unsure, please ask.

To apply to ACCESS: 

  1. Complete the ACCESS Student Application using the provided fillable form, FILLABLE ACCESS Student Application Revised.
  2. Fill out the Consent for Release of Information using the provided fillable form, FILLABLE ACCESS Consent For Release Of Information.
  3. Obtain disability documentation or have a licensed professional complete the Disability Verification form, FILLABLE ACCESS Disability Verification.
  4. Submit the completed ACCESS Student Application, Consent for Release, and disability documents or Disability Verification form to ACCESS via email at access@cmccd.edu or in person at our office located in Room 311 of the Greenleaf Library.
  5. After verifying your disability documents, a member of the ACCESS staff will contact you to schedule the initial appointment with an ACCESS Counselor. This process typically takes 3-5 days after receiving your application and documentation.
  6. If you have any questions regarding disability eligibility or if you are unable to obtain disability documentation, please feel free to contact us.

What services does ACCESS offer?

During the interactive process between each ACCESS student and an ACCESS professional staff member, accommodations are determined regarding the academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, services and/or instruction necessary to provide the student equal access to the educational process. ACCESS services and accommodations are determined on an individual basis and may include:

This list may not contain a specific accommodation. If unsure, please ask.

ACCESS High Tech Center (HTC)

The ACCESS High Tech Center (HTC) is a lab designed for students with disabilities to utilize adaptive software and assistive technologies on each of the lab computers, for studying and testing accommodations. The lab is located with the ACCESS Front Desk in Room 311 of the Greenleaf Library.

ACCESS Alternate Media Department

The ACCESS Alternate Media Department assists ACCESS students in obtaining various accommodations given based on their individual verified disability during the interactive counseling appointment. A student will meet with the ACCESS Alternate Media Specialist to request items such as, but not limited to: a SmartPen, Digital Recorder, other note-taking software, assistive listening devices, Electronic Text (E-Text), speech-to-text, and text-to-speech software. The Alternate Media Specialist conducts workshops throughout each semester to support ACCESS students with adaptive software and technologies, as well as navigating platforms such as Canvas, My CMC Portal, and Zoom. Workshop days and times vary each semester. The Alternate Media Department is located across from the ACCESS Front Desk and HTC in Room 314 of the Greenleaf Library.

Student Concerns and Complaints

If you encounter any concerns or have complaints regarding your ACCESS accommodations or services, we encourage you to communicate with the ACCESS Coordinator to try to resolve your concerns informally. However, if you, as a student with a disability, feel that you have not received reasonable academic accommodations, we urge you to contact the ADA 504 Coordinator located in the Human Resources office by phone at (760) 366-5201 Ext. 5285.

Contact ACCESS

ACCESS Front Desk

Greenleaf Library-Room 311

Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Phone: (760) 366-5201 Ext. 5861

Fax: (760) 366-5265

Email: access@cmccd.edu 


Jennifer Anderson

ACCESS Coordinator

Phone: (760) 366-5286

Email: jenniferanderson@cmccd.edu 


Paulina Rodriguez

ACCESS Counselor

Email: prodriguez@cmccd.edu 

Laurie Mann

ACCESS Counselor

Email: lmann@cmccd.edu


Michelle Correa

ACCESS Specialist

Email: mcorrea@cmccd.edu


Brian Reichert 

ACCESS Alternate Media Specialist

(760) 366- 5201 Ext. 5863

Email: breichert@cmccd.edu