Everyone’s invited to learn more about the history and ecosystems of this astounding place.

Here where the Mojave and Colorado desert ecosystems meet, Copper Mountain College offers activities and resources for all learners, researchers, and explorers. Bring your questions and your curiosity.

Meet the CMC Tortoises

Once more numerous, desert tortoises are losing their habitat to development and human activity. CMC set up a tortoise preserve and continuously monitors them for protection and conservation. Sponsor one (or all) of them to support conservation efforts. Gain a Toroise-Eye View

Look Around

Discover the Desert

Desert Institute

The Desert Institute offers classes ranging from desert studies to survival skills.

Hi Desert Nature Museum

For 50+ years, the museum has dedicated itself to showing the culture and history of the area.

Sky’s the Limit

Check out this observatory in the Morongo Basin and view the largest objects in our solar system.

Conservation Efforts


The Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation is dedicated to achieving water conservation goals in the Mojave Desert.


The Morongo Basin Conservation Association is dedicated to preserving the environment in the Morongo Basin since 1969.

The Preserve

The Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is dedicated to exploring, preserving, and protecting the resources of the Big Morongo Canyon.

More Resources

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