Cancelled Classes

Cancelled Classes

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

ENG 051-03 Expository Writing 12-2:05 221 M. Walker
ENG 051-04 Expository Writing 3:15-5:20 102 M. Walker

Cancelled Office Hours

J. DESANTIS 12 – 1:30P 202

Fall 2019 Semester – Permanently Cancelled Classes

ACC-041-01 Strategies for College Success
ACC-304-01 ACCESS Instructional Support Lab
ART-005A-01E Introduction to Figure Drawing
ART-005B-01E Intermediate Figure Drawing
ART-007A-01 Beginning Ceramics
ART-007B-01 Intermediate Ceramics
ART-031-01E Digital Photography
BI-004-2920E Elements of Biology
BI-004L-02 Elements of Biology Lab
CD-076-01 Guidance & Discipline for Young Children
CIS-050-01E Computer Keyboarding I
EMR-001-40 Emergency Medical Responder
EMT-085-90HSW EMT Refresher Course
ENG-003A-20 College Composition
HS-061-01 Medical Terminology
HS-064-90HS Nurse Assistant
HS-066-90HS Home Health Aide
MATH-005-01 Trigonometry
MATH-057-01E Pre-Algebra
PE-091-20 Volleyball
SPAN-003-50 Intermediate Spanish
STDV-065-02E College and Personal Success