Cancelled Classes

Cancelled Classes

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

ENG 051-03 Expository Writing 12-2:05 221 M. Walker
ENG 051-04 Expository Writing 3:15-5:20 102 M. Walker

Cancelled Office Hours

J. DESANTIS 12 – 1:30P 202

Spring 2020 Semester – Permanently Cancelled Classes

ACC-304-01 ACCESS Tutoring
ACCT-005-50 Tax Accounting II – Business Entities
ART-011A/B-01 Beg/Interm Sculpture
ART-052-01 History of Art: Modern to Contemporary Art with a Global Perspective
AUTO-004-02W Principles of Auto Technology
BUAC-010-01 Computer Accounting
CD-015-01 Child Development Practicum
CH-005-01W Bio-Organic Chemistry
DE-300A-01 Basic College Mathematics
DE-300A-02E Basic College Mathematics
DE-305-2901 Intermediate English as a Second Language
EMR-001-40 Emergency Medical Responder
ENG-003A-53 College Composition
FIRE-002-50 Fire Prevention
MATH-004-01 Discrete Structures
MATH-045-01 Algebra for Statistics
PE-098-02E Yoga
PREP-203-01 Preparation for CHEM-003 Introductory General Chemistry
REAL-082-40 Real Estate Economics
REAL-084-01 Legal Aspects of Real Estate
SPAN-004-50 Intermediate Spanish
STDV-065-01 College and Personal Success
STDV-065-02E College and Personal Success