Cancelled Classes

Cancelled Classes

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

AUTO-028-01 Intro to Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology P. Friedt 12-2:05pm Tuesday

Cancelled Office Hours



Fall 2020 Semester – Permanently Cancelled Classes

ACC-041-01 Strategies for College Success
ACC-304-01 Access Instructional Support Lab
ACCT-003-50 Intro to Govt & Not-for-Profit Accounting
ANTH-003-01E Archaeology an Intro to Prehistory
ART-005A/B-01 Intro to/Intermediate Figure Drawing
ART-007A/B-01 Beginning/Intermediate Ceramics
ART-053-50  Intro to the Visual Arts of Non western Cultures
ASC-101-01 Supplemental Instruction-Information Competency Skills
ASL-002-01 Elementary American Sign Language II
ASL-003-01 Intermediate American Sign Language I
BI-004-02E Elements of Biology
BI-004-52 Elements of Biology
BI-004L-01 Elements of Biology Lab
BI-004L-52 Elements of Biology Lab
BI-022-04W Human Anatomy
BUWE-084-01 Work Experience – Retail Kiosk Operations
BUWE-084-01 Work Experience – Business General – Retail Kiosk Operations
CD-030-01 Introduction to Curriculum
CD-076-01 Guidance & Discipline for Young Children
CH-003-04 Introductory General Chem
CIS-050-01E Computer Keyboarding I
CIS-070A-03E Comp Business Applications for Windows
CS-073-01 Intro to Computer Science
DE-305-2901 Intermediate English as a Second Language I
DE-308-YE01 Advanced English as a Second Language I
EMR-001-40 Emergency Medical Responder
EMT-084-01 Emergency Medical Technician
EMT-085-90HSW EMT Refresher Course
ENG-003A-06 College Composition
ENG-003A-52 College Composition
ENG-003A-56 College Composition
ENG-051-50 Intro to Expository Writing
FIRE-010-01EW Paid Call Firefighter Academy
HIST-018-52 US History from Recon to Present
HS-001-51 Personal & Community Health
HS-064-90HS Nurse Assistant
HS-066-90HS Home Health Aide
MATH-005-50 Trigonometry
MATH-010-02E College Algebra
MATH-041-01E Intermediate Algebra Supplemental
MATH-041-50 Intermediate Algebra Supplemental
MATH-045-50 Algebra for Statistics
ONLT-001-01 Canvas Skills
ONLT-001-02 Canvas Skills
ONLT-001-03 Canvas Skills
ONLT-001-04 Canvas Skills
PE-096-5020 Weight Training
PE-096-30E  Weight Training
PE-980-51 Yoga
PH-004A-01 Physics for Scientists & Engineers
PSY-001-55 General Psychology
SP-004-5320 Public Speaking
SPAN-001-03E Elementary Spanish
SPAN-003-50 Intermediate Spanish
TA-002-01E Acting I
TA-003-01E Acting II
VSM-002C-30 Intercollegiate Basketball Fall – Men
VSW-002A-30 Intercollegiate Basketball Fall – Women