Cancelled Classes

Cancelled Classes

Friday, March 4, 2022

ACCT 002
F 9 – 12:30 PM 
RM 225

Cancelled Office Hours



Spring 2022 Semester – Permanently Cancelled Classes

ACC-041 / F Strategies for College Success
ACCT-005 / ONLINE Tax Accounting II – Business Entities
ART-007A / TTH Beginning Ceramics
ART-007B / TTH Intermediate Ceramics
ART-009A / TTH Printmaking
ART-009B / TTH Printmaking
ASL-001 / MW Elementary American Sign Language I
AUTO-027 / MW Basic and Advanced Clean Air Car Course
BI-004 / ONLINE / F Elements of Biology
BI-004L / ONLINE Elements of Biology Laboratory
BI-022 / FS Human Anatomy
CH-003 / F / ONLINE Introductory General Chemistry
CIS-062 / MW Beginning Dreamweaver
CIS-063 / MW Intermediate Dreamweaver
CIS-070A / TTH Computer Business Apps for Windows
CJ-007 / ONLINE Substantive California Criminal Law
CS-073 / M  Introduction to Computer Science
CULN-001B / MW Basic Culinary Skills
CULN-002A / MW Recipes, Meals, and Menus
ENG-001B / TTH Composition and Literature
ENG-003A / TTH College Composition
ENG-003A / MW College Composition
ENG-003A / ONLINE College Composition
ENG-051 / ONLINE Introduction to Expository Writing
G-010 / MW The Earth Sciences
HIST-017 / S U.S. History Through Reconstruction
HOSP-002 / ONLINE Hospitality Cost Control
MATH-005 / ONLINE Trigonometry
MATH-010 / ONLINE College Algebra
MUS-010 / ONLINE Introduction to Music
PH-001 / TTH Introductory Physics
PHIL-013 / TTH Perspectives on Death and Dying
PHIL-014 / TTH Introduction to Ethics
PSY-001 / MW General Psychology
PSY-001 / ONLINE General Psychology
PSY-003 / ONLINE Developmental Psychology
PSY-010 / TTH Introduction to Marriage & Family
PSY-033 / ONLINE Personal & Social Adjustment
SOC-010 / TTH Introduction to Marriage & Family
SPAN-001 / ONLINE Elementary Spanish
SPAN-004 / ONLINE Intermediate Spanish
VSO-003A / MF Intercollegiate Varsity Sport Off Season Conditioning (WOMEN)
VSW-002B / MTWTHF Intercollegiate Basketball Spring – Women