In all our programs, we acknowledge and support a student’s individual needs and experiences.

Scope of Our Services

Programs and services in Student Services include, but are not limited to:

Contact Student Services

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Jane Kwon

Vice President of Student Services


Rachael Goldberg

Dean of Student Services, Counseling and Support Programs


Jenn O’Donnell

Dean of Student Services, Financial Aid and Enrollment Services


Student Resources

If you’re looking for resources for a CMC student in your life, whether as a parent, counselor, instructor, or anything in between, Student Services can point you in the right direction.


ACCESS is a federally mandated program that supports students with a disability in achieving their educational goals.

Students with a verifiably disability can contact ACCESS to discuss accommodations for classes and related educational activities with an ACCESS counselor. 

Jennifer Anderson

ACCESS Coordinator


Michelle Correa

ACCESS Specialist

760.366.5201 ext. 5861/5862

Admission & Records

If there’s any information you’re looking for, the Admission & Records office is where you want to start your journey. It’s here where you can figure out the application process, find financial aid, look for transcripts, receive counseling, and discover everything else you may need when it comes to attending school.

Admissions & Records

Email: admissions&

Phone: 760.366.3791 or 760.366.5201 ext. 4232


The CMC Athletics website is home to everything related to the athletics department and Fighting Cacti. Find game schedules, tryouts, updates about the current teams, and everything in between on the Fighting Cacti website.

JJ Santa Cruz

Athletic Director/Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Dreamer Resources

The CMC campus is a safe place dedicated to learning and connecting with the community. If you have any questions or are looking for financial aid, basic needs, or more, the DREAMer resources page can help you find all the information you need.

If you have any questions or can’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact DREAMer liaison for additional assistance.

Stephany Gonzalez

760.366.3791 ext. 5875

Financial Aid

CMC’s Financial Aid page is where you want to go for everything regarding education funding. From FAFSA and scholarships to tax forms and back pay, you can find anything you might need here.

Please contact the Financial Aid staff if you have any questions that you can’t find on the Financial Aid page.

The Financial Aid office is located in the Office of Student Services in the 300 Quad.

Jenn O’Donnell

Director of Financial Aid

Brittney Blakeley

Senior Financial Aid Specialist

Delores Teague

Financial Aid Specialist

Transfer Center

The Transfer Center has everything you need when it comes to transferring colleges including events, virtual talks, university visits, and more. The page will have all the information you need regarding transferring colleges, transfer degrees, and everything else transfer related.

Contact the Transfer Center if you have any questions about the transfer process.

Transfer Center

Located in the Office of Student Services

760.366.3791, ext. 5898

Counseling & Advising

The Counseling & Advising page focuses on providing contacts for anyone who needs help with their academics and/or their mental health.

Military Affiliated Services

Whether a student is a veteran or connected to the military in one way or another, CMC has many services available to them.

Forms & Resources

Find every form and resource you need for every military affiliated individual.


Military Academic Skills Program is a free 18-day program helps students enhance their English and Math skills.

Military Base Office

The military base office is the central hub for all things military related to CMC.

Military Benefits

For students with military benefits, they can find how to use them here.

Military Connected

Find information and benefits available to any military connected student.

Veterans Services

CMC has services available to any students that are a veteran.

Basic Needs

CMC has resources available to any student that needs help getting food, transportation, or housing.


CalWORKS provides information and resources to students receiving public assistance and helps them become independent.


Any student who’s a single parent with a kid under the age of 18, can receive public assistance through CARE.

Contact Student Services

Jane Abell

Vice President of Student Services

760.366.3791 ext. 5280


Jennifer O’Donnell

Dean of Student Services

760.366.3791 ext. 5294


Nicole Virtue

Executive Assistant to Student Services

760.366.3791 ext. 5889


Office of Student Services

300 Quad

6162 Rotary Way

Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Phone: 760.366.3791