Academic Affairs

Our goal is to ensure the best possible learning experience for our students at CMC with the highest standards in teaching, learning, and service. Whether your goal is for college transfer, occupational preparation, or courses for lifelong learning – Academic Affairs is here to help make it happen for you. Our comprehensive curriculum and innovative curricula will help prepare you to achieve your educational, employment, and lifelong learning goals.

The Office of Academic Affairs sets educational and instructional goals, policies, and practices. Other responsibilities of this office include program, schedule and catalog development, community education, as well as overseeing the copy center. The Vice President of Academic Affairs is the primary contact for the State Chancellor’s Office on matters concerning Copper Mountain College’s instructional issues.

The Dean of Instruction, Distance Education, and Learning Services works under the direction of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Dean of Instruction, Distance Education, and Learning Service serves as a member of the management staff to develop District policies and procedures related to educational programs and services; oversees the implementation of policies, procedures, faculty and staff selection and evaluation; provides leadership in the improvement of teaching and learning; encourages faculty and staff development, and the successful participation in shared governance and a collaborative decision process.

Contact Us

Academic Affairs
(760) 366-3791 Ext. 4244
Semester Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.


Melynie Schiel
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Chief Instructional Officer / ALO


Ramon Abrego III
Dean of Instruction, Distance Education, and Learning Services


Evelyn Sheffield
Dean of Instruction, Career Technical Education, and Career Services


Mireya Gomez
Temporary Executive Administrative Assistant to
Vice President of Academic Affairs
760-366-3791 Ext. 5404


Mariana Wright
Administrative Assistant to Academic Affairs
760-366-3791 Ext. 5402


Sandra Segura
Educational Support Specialist
760-366-3791 Ext. 5411


Shannon Frechette
Curriculum Program Assistant 
760-366-3791 Ext. 5405 


Janie Ramstorf
Catalog and Educational Planning System Specialist
760-366-3791 Ext. 5406


Jeffery Wire
Canvas Help / Online Support
760-366-3791 Ext. 5992 / Ext. 5401
Distance Education
Online Help line:  760-366-3791 Ext. 5911
Online Help email: