What Can You Do With an IGETC General Education Certificate?

Completing your IGETC General Education Certificate at CMC allows you to transfer to other schools, including:

  • CSU
  • UC
  • Some private universities
  • Some out-of-state universities

Discover What You Love

Going to college is about finding out what you love, meaning you don’t have to have everything figured out when you start. With an IGETC General Education certificate, you’ll fulfill your gen ed requirements while discovering new interests and opportunities that you love. When you finish your certificate, you’ll have taken science, language, arts, history, and so many other courses, you’re bound to find something new. There’s something for everyone, so find out what you love and get started now.

Easy Transfer, Easy Future

With an IGETC General Education certificate, transferring to a UC, USC, or other 4-year college has never been easy. You complete your gen ed classes with and earn credits that are ready to transfer.

That’s not all, however, as an IGETC certificate comes with a host of other benefits that make your future education and career much easier. For starters, you have a larger and more flexible selection of available classes.

With more flexibility and more options, your time is returned to you so you can do other things like internships, work, family, and more. You can balance your life the way you need to without any worry of falling behind. An IGETC certificate makes it easy to transfer, which makes your future that much easier.

General Education (IGETC) Cert.: What to Expect

  • Completion Requirements
    • 43 units of GE courses
    • Must complete with a “C” or higher in all required courses
    • Minimum of a 2.0 GPA
  • Required Courses

    General Education IGETC Breadth (GE) | 43.00:

    English Communication Courses | 6.00 or 9.00 (CSU)

    Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning Courses | 3.00

    Arts & Humanities | 9.00

    Social & Behavioral Sciences | 9.00

    Physical & Biological Sciences | 7.00 – 9.00

    Languages Other Than English (UC only) | 3.00

    CSU Graduation Requirements

    U.S. History & American Institutions | 6.00

    IGETC for STEM

    Consult a counselor for additional courses.

  • What You Learn
    1. Argue your position clearly with correct citation and sources.
    2. Read, analyze, discuss, and evaluate written work and sources.
    3. Be able to resent data in different ways.
    4. Use the scientific method to study how the world works.
    5. Understand how people react in their society and social subgroups.
    6. Learn and develop respect for different cultures, art, and others.

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