Real-world in any field: Add an internship to your CMC education. 

Apply to an Internship 

You’re already going to school and putting in the work to learn everything you can. An internship is that extra step, the chance to test your skills and see how you want to direct your career. 

An internship experience gives you that extra bit of education and practical work experience that’s needed to put you above the rest.  

California has 15 different industry sectors, each with a range of career pathways. CMC has identified internships that let you explore working life in your field. 

Your internship delivers benefits that include: 

If you have any questions on what to do, we’ve also provided an internship program checklist to go over what you need to do, from application to interview and more. 

Internships are competitive and can fill up quickly, so don’t wait. Fill out the form and apply today!  

Internship Program Checklist 

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Still have questions? Reach out to our internship team at 760.366.5201 X5961 to learn more about finding the internship that will take you to the next level. 

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