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Fly high with an RN degree from CMC

What Can You Do with a Registered Nursing Degree?

The program is designed to prepare you to begin work as a Beginning Nurse Generalist. The typical day of nurse generalist involves doing the following:

  • Assess patient conditions
  • Record patient symptoms and history
  • Observe and record patients throughout the day
  • Administer medicine and treatments
  • Consult and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • Operate and monitor medical equipment
  • Help with diagnostic tests
  • Provide patient info and tips on treatment

Make a Real Difference

As a nurse, you’re typically on the front lines of healthcare. You’re the one the patients see the most, helping doctors and other specialists care for everyone. Because of that, you are in a position to make a real difference in someone’s life. You’ll counsel patients and their families after a devastating diagnosis, celebrate when they get good news, and become a comforting presence they can trust. You’re there to help people when they’re at their lowest, and it’s something to be proud of.

Amazing Benefits

Registered nurses are always in demand, which is why getting a Nursing degree from CMC should be the top of your priority. Along with being an in-demand job, you’ll have the ability to enter the workforce relatively quickly and into a stable field that’s always growing.

As a nurse, you’ll receive personal satisfaction with the work you do by helping people. Plus, there is never a dull moment on the job as every day brings another exciting day. Moreover, there are a lot of financial benefits to nursing, including competitive pay, PTO, amazing health insurance, and more. Suffice to say, if you were on the fence of becoming a registered nurse, hopefully this changes your mind.

How Do I Apply?

Admission to CMC’s Registered Nurse Program requires you to follow a few steps. You must finish your prerequisites, attend an information session, and complete the pre-enrollment packet before you register for classes.

Failure to meet any of these requirements will impact your ability to register.

New classes are admitted each year in the fall semester.

  • Complete the Prerequisite Work

    Before you can submit an application, it’s expected that you have completed your prerequisite classes. The list of prerequisite classes is:

    • General Microbiology (BI 015) | 5.00
    • Human Anatomy (BI 022) | 4.00
    • Human Physiology (BI 023) | 5.00
    • College Composition (ENG 003A) | 3.00
    • Intermediate Algebra (MATH 040) | 4.00
    • Developmental Psychology (PSY 003) | 3.00

    You can use classes that you took at a different school. However, all prerequisite work needs to have been completed within 7 years of your application to the RN program.

    Each of the prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of B or better and you must have completed all previous coursework with at least a 2.50 GPA.

    You must also undergo a criminal background check and a drug screen. The results will affect your eligibility to enter the CMC RN program.

  • When and How to Apply

    Applications for this year are accepted January 2 through January 31.

    There are two options for turning in your application:

    1. Mail the application packet via USPS:

    It must be postmarked on or by January 31 and sent to the following address via USPS as follows:

                   Copper Mountain College

                   Attention: RN Program Admissions Committee

                   PO Box 1398

                   Joshua Tree CA 92252

                   If a signature is required, the office won’t accept the application.

    2. Drop off your application in a sealed envelope.

    The sealed envelope must contain:

                   Your Name

            RN Program

                   Admission Committee

    The packet must be dropped in the white drop box located in the 100-quad in front of the Academic Services office room 115 on/before January 31 at 1600 (Monday through Friday, except holidays and weekends).

    The program application must include the following items:

    1. The RN Program Application
    2. Official Unopened Transcripts
      • All college coursework including CMC
      • Post-secondary work (technical school, ROP program, etc.)
    3. Official high school/GED transcripts

    Up to 24 applicants are accepted into the RN program beginning each fall semester.

  • Advanced Placement LVN to RN and Military Challenge
  • Complete the Corequisite Work

    All co-requisite work needs to be completed by the end of the semester you submit your RN Program application. The corequisite classes are:

    • General Psychology (PSY 001) | 3.00
    • Introduction to Sociology (SOC 001) Or Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 002) | 3.00
    • Choice between one of the following | 3.00:
      • Interpersonal Communication (SP 001)
      • Public Speaking (SP 004)
      • Decision-Making and Advocacy (SP 007)
      • Intercultural Communication (SP 015)

    You also need to complete your General Education requirements, most of which will be met with the courses you complete in your prerequisite and corequisite courses. You will still need to take a Humanities course; Perspectives on Death & Dying (PHIL 013) is recommended.

    You must pass each course with at least a C or better.

  • Complete the HESI Exam

    Once you’ve applied to the RN program and completed your prerequisites, you must take the HESI Admission Exam at Copper Mountain College. The HESI Exam contains the following sections with the minimum score requirements:

    • Reading Comprehension (must achieve minimum score of 80%)
    • Vocabulary & General Knowledge (must achieve minimum score of 80%)
    • Grammar (must achieve minimum score of 80%)
    • Basic Math Skills (must achieve minimum score of 80%)
    • Anatomy and Physiology (must achieve minimum score of 80%)
    • Learning Style (not scored)
    • Personality Profile (not scored)

    You’ll only be considered to enter the RN program at CMC if you’ve earned the minimum scores and meet all other requirements.

    If you don’t achieve the minimum required score on your first attempt and you want to reapply to the RN program, you have to enter a one-year remediation plan within 60 days of your first attempt. If you don’t, you won’t be considered for readmission.

  • Register for Classes

    After you complete the required courses, exams, and submissions, you will be notified of your acceptance through email. Once you’re accepted into the program, you’re ready to register for your classes.

Registered Nursing AS: What to Expect

  • Completion Requirements
    • 37 units of nursing theory and clinical experience
    • 35-38 units of science and GE courses
    • A grade of C or higher in all required courses
    • Minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • Required Courses

    RN Program Electives to complete BEFORE applying to the RN program:

    General Microbiology (BI 015) | 5.00

    Human Anatomy (BI 022) | 4.00

    Human Physiology (BI 023) | 5.00

    College Composition (ENG 003A) | 3.00

    Intermediate Algebra (MATH 040) | 4.00

    Developmental Psychology (PSY 003) | 3.00

    The following classes need to be completed BEFORE admission to the RN program:

    General Psychology (PSY 001) | 3.00

    Introduction to Sociology (SOC 001)


    Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 002) | 3.00

    Interpersonal Communication (SP 001)


    Public Speaking (SP 004)


    Decision-Making and Advocacy (SP 007)


    Intercultural Communication (SP 015) | 3.00

    Nursing program classes that need to be completed in this order:

    First Semester:

    Nursing Foundations (N 010) | 5.00

    Concepts of Nursing Practice (N 015) | 5.00

    Second Semester:

    Concepts of Nursing Practice II (N 020) | 5.00

    Concepts of Mental Health Nursing (N 025) | 3.50

    Third Semester:

    Concepts of Nursing Practice III (N 030) | 5.00

    Concepts of Obstetrical Nursing with Family Health (N 035) | 2.25

    Concepts of Pediatric Nursing (N 036) | 2.25

    Fourth Semester:

    Concepts of Nursing Practice IV (N 040) | 5.00

    Nursing Management, Leadership, and Preceptorship (N 045) | 4.00

  • What You Learn
    1. Promote quality patient care by working with an interdisciplinary team, communicating effectively, and collaborating to make quality decisions.
    2. Minimize any risk of harm and improve patient safety and quality of care by setting up healthcare plans for all patients.
    3. Integrate evidence-backed reasoning and taking patient preference to provide quality care.
    4. Exercise judgment when diagnosing and treating patients.
    5. Study and effectively use the 5-step nursing process method.
    6. Provide healthcare needs to patients with respect to their cultural and diverse requirements.
    7. Create an environment that promotes self-esteem, dignity, safety, and comfort for patients.
    8. Show your professionalism and leadership by upholding integrity, ethical standards, accountability, following policy, and advocating for your patients.
    9. Use available technology to manage information and communicate with the team, make clinical decisions, and minimize harm.
  • Required Forms & Documents

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