LVN to RN Advanced Placement students are eligible to apply for admission to the second semester of the Registered Nursing Program. 

Military Challenge students are eligible to apply for admission to the second half of the first semester of the Registered Nursing Program.

The RN Program is designed to prepare graduates to practice as a Beginning Nurse Generalist.  Theory and clinical run concurrently with clinical experiences provided in various healthcare facilities within the community.  Both are supported by time spent in the Nursing Resource Lab (NRL).  Opportunities for skills practice utilizing simulation mannequins, specialized healthcare equipment and videos are all part of a supervised learning experience.

The list of courses required for the RN degree are listed on the RN Program Requirements document on this page.  Details regarding the application process are provided in the RN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document on this page.

NOTE:  The RN Program requires a criminal background check and drug screen.  Students should be aware that the results of the background check may have an impact on academic program eligibility or clinical/community site placement.  Students may be denied access to the program on the basis of the results of the background check and/or drug screen.  The College is required to comply with licensing requirements and with policies of our partner agencies.  If you have a felony or a misdemeanor in your background, please contact the RN Program Director to discuss the impact on your academic and professional career.

How Do I Apply?

Applications for LVN to RN are accepted from August 1 through August 31th. There are two options for turning in your application:

By mail (MUST BE postmarked on/before September 30th), applicants may send the application packet via USPS addressed as follows:

Copper Mountain College
Attention: RN Program Admissions Committee
PO Box 1398
Joshua Tree CA 92252

Please note we will not sign for applications sent via FedEx, UPS, or any USPS method of shipment requiring a signature.  We do suggest, however, that you ensure you will be able to track your application when you send it. Please contact the carrier for guidance.

If you wish to drop off your application packet, it must be in a sealed envelope with

Your Name
RN Program
Admission Committee

printed on the front.  The packet must be dropped in the white drop box located in the 100-quad in front of Academic Services office room 115 on/before August 31st that 1600 (Monday through Friday, except holidays and weekends).



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