What Can You Do With a Computer Programming Certificate?

You can apply computer programming in any industry that uses computers. Learn the core and build a career as a:

  • Programmer
  • Information systems manager
  • Desktop publisher
  • Computer support specialist
  • Computer and information research scientist
  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Information security analyst
  • Software developer
  • Game developer

No Experience Necessary

Tech lingo can seem impossible to master. Don’t worry. Bring your eager mind and desire for a new career. As you learn programming, you learn the terms, too. JavaScript, CSS, tags, and all the rest make sense as you build your skills. Your computer programming certificate shows your next employer that you have the skills to help them.

New Skills, New Career

Experienced programmers teach our classes. They know what it takes to stand out and excel in the field. Learn the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++ languages and how to use them at the assembler language level. You develop real world projects, like web pages that you can showcase in your portfolio. Whether you’re looking to switch fields, improve your skills, or get started right after high school, there’s something new to learn for everyone.

Your Computer Programming Cert. Program Map

  • 1

  • 2

Sample electives shown — more options available.

Computer Programming Cert.: What to Expect

  • Completion Requirements
    • 24 units of required courses
    • 6 units of restricted electives
    • 30 total units
    • A grade of C or higher in all required courses
    • Minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • Required Courses

    Computer Business Applications for Windows (CIS 070A) | 3.00

    Intro to Computer Science (CS 073) | 3.00

    Microcomputer Support Specialist A+ Training (CS 001) | 3.00

    Assembler Language (CS 087) | 3.00

    Visual Basic Programming I (CS 086) | 3.00

    Visual Basic Programming II (CS 086A) | 3.00

    C++ Programming I (CS 089) | 3.00

    C++ Programming II (CS 089A) | 3.00


    Select two classes from the following:

    ACCT 001, ACCT 002, ACCT 004, BUAC 010, BUAC 066, BUMA 001,

    BUMA 010, BUMA 020A, BUMA 027, CIS 030, CIS 062, CIS 063,

    CIS 072D, CIS 073C, CIS 074, CIS 076B, CIS 078B, CIS 082H, CIS 086,

    CS 003, CS 004, CS 005, CS 080 | 3.00

  • What You Learn
    1. Use structured techniques and object-oriented design to build computer applications.
    2. What goes into software applications and hardware development.
    3. The history and evolution of computer systems, including legal, moral, and ethical issues.
    4. Solve real-world challenges using industry standard tools.

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