Please note, Area 62 may not be able to accommodate all requests from potential guests. Our current production schedule is Thursday afternoons at the CMC Media Studio on the CMC campus in Joshua Tree. Other days and times may be considered, but will be difficult to schedule. We may be able to accommodate remote interviews, but we prefer to have guests in studio. All musical guests who provide music for use on Area 62 and related promotional purposes must possess the full rights to the music they perform or provide for inclusion in the show, or during our Tiny Cactus Concerts. Guests understand that they will not be compensated for use of their music or for their participation in the podcast. Photos may be taken during the podcast and may be used by Area 62 and CMC for marketing purposes without additional permission from guests, and without compensation. Area 62 reserves the right to decline requests to be a guest on the podcast, and to edit the podcast as deemed necessary or prudent, for content or length. Thank you for your interest in Area 62!

Please use DropBox or email ( to send WAV or MP3 files for use on Area 62. Please note that CMC network security does not allow the use of ftp services such as