Short- & Long-Term Goals

You have ideas about where you want to go—for college and in your life. Turn those ideas into clear, workable plans at Copper Mountain College.

Starting here, you can save money, learn in smaller classes, and complete the first two years of your four-year degree. You can also afford to look around, try a class in a new area, strengthen yourself, test yourself, and set solid short- and long-term goals for your education.

At Copper Mountain, you can pick a transfer degree that aligns clearly with your future university and future major. Or, you can choose a more general transfer degree; most university degrees begin with a “general education” classes.

As you explore possible transfer paths, keep an eye out for degrees that have a “T” at the end. These programs guarantee transfer to a CSU, and some also guarantee transfer to certain UCs.

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Transfer Center

Events, info & guidance to plan the perfect transfer.

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Transfer Agreements

See if your intended university already has an agreement for guiding transfers from CMC.

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Copper Mountain Catalog

“General Education” fits different patterns. Find the one you need.

Transfer Planning

You may have already completed some of these steps. That’s OK. It’s our rough guide for building and following through on the plan to achieve your goals. As your ideas become goals, you’ll be able to skip over some steps and arrive at later ones earlier. Make it work for you.

Your credits will transfer—they’ll transfer more effectively with planning. Start today.

Semester 1: Identify Your Transfer Options

Semester 2: Develop Your Transfer Plan

Semester 3: Update Your Transfer Plan

Semester 4: Complete Your Transfer Plan

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