Get Workforce Ready

Ready to get to work? Start with a certificate or degree from Copper Mountain College in your field. When you launch your career, you have the skills and are ready to succeed.

Blend hands-on skill (know-how) and theory (know-why) for some of the most rewarding careers around. Our experienced professors lead you through skill-building courses in real-world environments.

Choose your field and choose the way you want to package your college education in that field. A shorter program can get you started working. Then add courses, certificates, and degrees as you go. Get just the college you need to move into roles with more scope and more responsibility.

Turn to us for the next chapter in your education. You can be workforce-ready in record time.

Why Go to College If I Want to Go to Work?

A college education gives you a more complete set of skills and a greater chance of success as you continue in your work.

Turn Your Passion into Paychecks

If you love to bake or fiddle with engines, you already know a lot, just from doing what you love. Yet the professional worlds of pastry chefs and auto techs include so many more skills and ways of understanding the material. Loving it isn’t enough. You need to know it from every angle.

Impress Your Next Boss

You may know enough to continue working in the job you’re in. Copper Mountain College shapes your program around what is current and what is coming next for your field. You also improve your ability to talk to people (especially people without your specialized skills), to solve problems that cross into other people’s expertise, and to think of new solutions.

Earn More

Over the years, education pays off. Some college means more earnings than high school alone. An associate degree is even more. According to the Association for Career & Technical Education, CTE associate degrees and certificates can pay $10,000 more than associate degrees in other fields and can even pay more than bachelor’s degrees.

Choose Your Badge: Certificates & Degrees

You go to college to learn—and to show the world what you’ve learned. As you reach certain levels in your college education, you receive a credential, or badge.

In most Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs, you choose to pursue a certificate or an associate degree. Certificates represent key phases or sets of skills in your education. Your degree completes it.

Where you set your next finish line is up to you. Here are some things to understand about each credential.