What Can You Do With an AA-T in Studio Arts?

This degree is designed to transfer seamlessly to a CSU as the first two years of your four-year degree. Go on to one or more of these majors or minors for your bachelor’s:

  • Animation
  • Art (B.A. or B.F.A.)
  • Arts and Restorative Justice
  • Arts and Entrepreneurship
  • Art Education
  • Design
  • Digital Arts
  • Fashion, Fiber & Materials
  • Media Studies
  • Museum Studies

Use your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to build a career based on your vision. Studio art is a great start to a career working as a:

  • Curator
  • Animator
  • Designer
  • Conservator
  • Fine artist
  • Gallerist

At CMC, you learn how to create in a range of media in both 2- and 3-D. You gain skill in digital media, as well. The skills you learn in the studio are beneficial to many different careers.

Developing Your Craft

The Studio Arts Program gives you an amazing education that helps you find your preferred form, learning an array of exciting techniques from professionals celebrated in their field.

Discover the art of printmaking and learn how to use an etching press. Take oil painting and learn to depict three-dimensional forms in a variety of paint applications. Throw clay on the pottery wheel and learn foundational drawing techniques. At CMC you can hone your artistic skills and explore transfer options with faculty that are here to support you.

Build a Strong Foundation

These are the first two years of your college education. They are a time to focus your artistic energies and begin to build toward the life and work you want. Experiment; try job-market-friendly digital design skills or classes that make it easier for you to speak persuasively. Everything you learn here becomes the foundation for what you will achieve at the university you choose, in your work, and in your life.

Your Studio Art AA-T Program Map

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  • 2

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Sample electives shown — other options available. Download a PDF Program Map

Studio Art AA-T: What to Expect

  • Completion Requirements
    • 24 units of required courses
    • 60 total units
    • A grade of C or higher in all required courses
    • Minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • Required Courses
    • Fundamentals of Drawing and Composition (ART 001A) | 3.00
    • 2-Dimensional Design (ART 003A) | 3.00
    • 3-Dimensional Design (ART 004) | 3.00
    • History of Western Art (ART 050) | 3.00

    Select one (1) course from the following | 3.00:

    • ART 050
    • ART 052
    • ART 053

    Select three (3) courses from the following | 9.00:

    • ART 007A
    • ART 009A
    • ART 011A
    • ART 023A
    • ART 031
    • ART 040
    • ART 001B
    • ART 005A
  • What You Learn
    1. World and American art history and where your work fits in this context
    2. Expert craftwork in your chosen medium
    3. A working theory of how ideas take form in your medium
    4. How to analyze, critique, and discuss art work—your own and that of other artists

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