October 27, 2020

Copper Mountain College launched a new virtual Student Art Gallery on its website last week. The inaugural exhibition opened on October 23rd and will run through November 30th.

“This is a challenging time for academic Studio Arts courses due to the pandemic. My salute to the art instructors, and most of all to our students who continue their education despite the challenges. This is not just an exhibition of artworks but is also a show of perseverance,” shares Professor Cathy Allen, Gallery Curator and Art Instructor.

Professor Allen will solicit artworks from all art classes two times per semester to showcase as many student works as possible. To view the Inaugural Gallery and all future art shows, you can go to the Student Art Gallery page on our website.

Artwork by Sabrina Toler.
Sabrina Toler

The artworks displayed are created by students currently enrolled in art courses. The selections for the exhibition were made by the instructors and are considered excellent examples of completed classroom assignments.

The varied subjects, media, and approaches highlight multiple disciplines within our robust art program. Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Three-Dimensional Design, Photography, and Art Appreciation courses are highlighted in this inaugural exhibition.

The exhibition showcases 17 CMC student artists: Christopher Barnes, Isabel Beaston, Rebekah Billings, Danielle Decker, Christopher Falossi, Fiona Flores, Ester Lemus, Wyatt Martin, Cassey Moncada, Vince Morris, Caitlin Praxel, Anne Reyes-Purdy, Sheila Rodriguez, Tanner Shartel, Andy Smith, Brooke States, and Sabrina Toller.

For more information, please see our website or call 760.366.3791.