November 23, 2020

Copper Mountain College announced today that the Fighting Cacti will opt out of late start basketball season that would have started in January 2021.

The decision was made after polling the students, several meetings with our Athletic Director and senior staff, and based on information from other regional colleges. The decision in part was made because many other schools within the conference have also indicated they will be opting out.

There are many concerns associated with ensuring student and employee safety during competition and travel. The CCCAA COVID-19 Task Force set December 18th as the opt-in/opt-out date for member institutions to indicate their intention to compete during the Spring 2021 athletic season. The college chose to make this decision today to best support and inform its student-athletes.

Dr. Daren Otten, Superintendent/President, stated, “I want to commend Athletic Director Ken Simonds, Coach Walter Parham, and VPSS Jane Abell for leaning in immediately to support our student’s well-being during this difficult time. I am committed to CMC Athletics as we move forward and cannot wait until the Fighting Cacti are back on the court!”

For more information please see our website or call 760.366.3791.