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picture of Sustainability Spike logoHonor the Legacy.

Change the Future.

Create Tomorrow.

Donate Today! 

This is a unique opportunity for you to be on the cutting edge of shaping the future of Copper Mountain College and ultimately the lives of our students. Imparting sustainability at our community college, envisioning a learning center for future alternative energy programs and projects, making a difference on our earth or at least our little corner of it, you can do all of this with your investment.

Copper Mountain College’s mission is to provide educational opportunities for diverse desert communities and beyond through a comprehensive curriculum and support services that demonstrate a passion for the success of every individual student. We ask for your commitment to be good stewards of our land and resources. Your commitment to be a learning site and a leader in this community, as Susan Luckie Reilly envisioned for CMC. 

WE BELIEVE in investing in our infrastructure to ensure future students will have access to local higher education.

WE BELIEVE in the protection, restoration and sustainability of our land and resources.

WE BELIEVE in efficiency in consumption with a concerted effort to protect our environment.


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