What Can You Do With an AS-T in Physics?

First, transfer to a CSU to complete your bachelor’s. From there, you have many career choices. Your math and real-world problem-solving skills are in demand across many fields. You may decide to become a physicist working with public policy or in engineering, or you may become an analyst working in the finance sector.

Common professions for physics majors include:

  • Research scientist
  • Astronomer
  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Engineer
  • High school teacher
  • College professor
  • Programmer
  • Project manager

Some career choices require a master’s or doctoral degree. That may seem like a big goal. Everything big is made of smaller bits; make the first leg of your physics education the most efficient it can be — start at CMC.

Transfer to a Four-Year School

With this degree, you’re ready for success at a four-year public or private school. You already have an advantage, too. You can transfer — with a guarantee — to a California State University campus. You’ll finish your bachelor’s degree in Physics in two years, and you’ll be ready and able to conquer the world. If Cal State is in your future, talk with your Copper Mountain College counselor, though, to make sure you’re taking the right classes at the right time. If you have your eyes set on another university, your Copper Mountain counselor can help you, too. You’ll just need to establish a relationship with an advisor from that university.

Physics AS-T: What to Expect

  • Completion Requirements
    • 25 units of required courses
    • 37 – 39 units of general education requirements
    • 60 minimum transferable units
    • A minimum of a 2.0 grade point average (GPA)
    • A grade of “C” or better in all required courses (a “P” grade is not an acceptable grade for courses in the major)
  • Required Courses

    PH 004A: Physics for Scientists & Engineers | 4 units

    PH 004B: Physics for Scientists & Engineers | 4 units

    PH 004C: Physics for Scientists & Engineers | 4 units

    MATH 001A: Calculus | 4 units

    MATH 001B: Calculus | 4 units

    MATH 002A: Multivariate Calculus | 5 units

  • What You Learn
    1. Physical concepts and principles
    2. Lab techniques
    3. More complex analytical problem solving techniques
    4. How to communicate clearly
    5. Current limits in physics: where the frontiers are

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