What Can You Do With a Graphic Design Technology Certificate?

Your Certificate in Graphic Design Technology prepares you to go to work as:

  • Desktop publisher
  • Marketing specialist
  • Graphic arts technician
  • Visual designer
  • Web designer

The Tech Side of Art

If your artistic skills end with stick figures, a graphic design technology certificate can sound scary. Don’t worry. Using technology, you can bring your vision into a share-worthy form. Focus and determination are all you need to succeed in this technologically based, creative industry.

Improve Your Skills

The moment you begin, you start building a solid foundation of graphic design fundamentals. From there, you learn the different tools and technology and build key skills like critical thinking and visual literacy.

Your Graphic Design Technology Cert. Program Map

  • 1

  • 2

Sample electives shown — more options available.

Graphic Design Technology Cert.: What to Expect

  • Completion Requirements
    • 5 units of required courses
    • 3 units of restricted electives
    • 5 total units
    • A grade of C or higher in all required courses
    • Minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • Required Courses

    Introduction to Adobe Acrobat (CIS 082I) | 1.50

    Visual Design (CIS 084) | 3.00

    Adobe InDesign I (CIS-082G) | 3.00

    Adobe Photoshop for Print and Web Design (CIS 082E) | 3.00

    Adobe Illustrator for Print and Web Design I (CIS 082F) | 3.00


    Restricted Electives: Choose 1 course from the following:

    CIS 082H, ART 031, ART 041 | 3.00

  • What You Learn
    1. Solve real-world problems using industry-standard software.
    2. Integrate text, images, and color as you design high-quality publications.
    3. Match design goals to business goals.
    4. Build workflows that help you create more effectively.

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