October 12, 2020

Copper Mountain College Foundation was pleased to present a Resolution of Appreciation and Honorary Life Directorship to Nancy Huntington and Cathy Larson at a private luncheon recently.

Life directorship awarded to Nancy Huntington and Cathy Larson in 2020.

Mrs. Huntington joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2009. She served as Secretary of the Board of Directors for four terms and reigned as the Foundation’s policies and procedures czarina for ten years, where she brilliantly navigated the terra incognita of shifting laws, three District Superintendent/Presidents, two Foundation Executive Directors, and an ever-shifting panoply of board members.

In addition, Nancy oversaw the formulation and adoption of best practices for documenting effective governance policies and procedures, the result being a two-volume Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) manual, heralded by the Foundation’s outside audit team as: “the best college foundation manual in the state.”

Nancy Huntington and her husband George exemplify what it means to be citizens with a heart for public service. Their numerous contributions of time and resources provide a living embodiment of the Foundation’s founding principles as they repeatedly made their beautiful home available for CMCF’s annual holiday parties, stepped forward to sponsor the ASCMC Office in the Christine Proudfoot Student Activity Center, and, by their involvement, illuminated CMCF’s mission throughout the basin.

Mrs. Larson joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2006. She served as President of the Board of Directors for four terms through significantly challenging times, both systemic and personal, when her unwavering commitment to “provide educational opportunities for diverse desert communities” inspired all with whom she worked.

Cathy Larson epitomized devotion to the Foundation, the College, and our students as she applied her knowledge of the Foundation’s day-to-day operations, and adroitly navigated the rough seas of governance and administration, with the help of the Foundation staff.

Mrs. Larson chaired the Art Auction and Fall Dinners on multiple occasions and, with her incredible leadership skills, oversaw scheduling, invitations, participants, refreshments, speakers, and auctioneers, with unfailing elegance and classy décor.

Cathy Larson and her husband Jim led by example as Presidents’ Circle members and donated a faculty office as part of the remodel in 100 Quad. Through their own unassuming manner, they represented to those around them the very essence of a quietly effective, generous, and loving partnership in the service of a shared value – the availability of a college education for anyone who desires it.

For more information about the Copper Mountain College Foundation or how to get involved, please contact Executive Director Sandy Smith at 760.366.3791, ext. 4200.