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If you overhear what might be a domestic violence incident, call 911.

You could save a life.

Did you Know?

Statistically, you know several victims of domestic violence. It affects 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men.

Over 3 million children every year are exposed to domestic violence.

Children who are exposed to domestic violence are more likely to suffer long term health problems.

Domestic violence costs over $5.8 billion each year.

Domestic violence knows no boundaries.

Women aged 20–24 are at greater risk of becoming domestic violence victims.

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If a student reports that he/she has been a victim of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct, the student has options on how to proceed. The most important thing is that the student is safe and is not in imminent danger.
If a Student is in Distress:

  1. Listen non-judgmentally. Accept the experience as the student describes it. Articulate clearly that you believe the student and you want to provide support in any way that you can.
  2. Validate the student’s feelings.
  3. Assure the student that it is not their fault. Self-blame is common among victims of sexual violence.
  4. Do not make judgmental comments. Do not comment on what could have been done differently or make statements that imply that the student could have avoided the harassment or assault.
  5. Be sympathetic. However, do not let your own emotions get in the way of supporting the student.
  6. Discuss options. Show them the sexual harassment policy.
  7. Get support. Do not hesitate to seek advice from individuals who are in a position to help. It is not necessary to give names or details of the incident to obtain initial support and to learn more about options. Some options for help include the CMC Counselors, CMC Psychological Services, and the CMC Associate Dean of Student Success and Equity.
What Would the Student Like to Do? Contact Number
Report a Title IX incident Jane Abell, Title IX Coordinator 760-366-3791 ext. 5280
Make an appointment to talk to a campus counselor CMC Counseling Services 760-366-3791 ext. 4232
Talk to an off-campus crisis counseling resource Morongo Basin Unity Home (24 hours) (760) 366-9663
One Stop TAY Center (16-25 years old) (760) 853-4888
New Horizons (760) 369-0294
Bureau of Victims Services (760) 366-5740
Morongo Basin Sexual Assault Services (760) 369-3353
National Sexual Assault Hotline-Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) 24-hour hotline (800) 656-HOPE (4673)
  Hi-Desert Behavioral Health Services
57407 29 Palms Hwy, Ste. F, Yucca Valley
(760) 366-1541
  Crisis Walk-in Center
7203 Demosa Ave. #2, Yucca Valley

(855) 365-6558

(760) 365-2233

File a Police Report Off Campus 911 or (760) 366-3781
File a Report: The incident involved a CMC Student CMC Campus Security (760) 366-3791 ext. 5325
File a Report: The incident involved a CMC Employee Human Resources (760) 366-3791 ext. 5267

Information and Right for Pregnant Students: Know Your Rights (PDF) (

Stand up to say NOMORE to domestic violence:

Is it abuse? Find domestic violence warning signs & call or text @loveisrespect for support at any time!

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