2022-2023 Sample Budgets

Invest in yourself wisely with a Copper Mountain College education. Knowledge works, so know your costs. Make a budget for how you will move forward with Copper Mountain.

You’ll pay tuition, of course. That’s the core cost of your education. You’ll also need books, maybe materials. You’ll need to get to classes, and you will have ordinary living expenses, too.

We’ve put together two sample budgets for a full-time student at Copper Mountain College. Both scenarios presume you qualify for in-state tuition.

Scenario 1: On Your Own

The first scenario assumes you are independent financially—that is, you don’t live at home, and you don’t include your parents’ income when you file for financial aid.

Sample Budget 1: Independent

Budget ItemAnnual Cost
Room & Board$17,784
Personal Expenses$3,924

Scenario 2: Living with Parents

In the second scenario, you live at home and include your parents’ income when you file for aid. That means you’re classified as “Dependent.” (Your parents may not charge you room and board, but they still have a cost for housing and feeding you.)

Sample Budget 2: Dependent (Includes Parents’ Income on FAFSA)

Budget ItemAnnual Cost
Room & Board$9,360
Personal Expenses$3,348

Build Your Own Budget

Remember, these are budgets. They are estimates. Costs may change or you may have circumstances that increase or lower certain items. For more information or to get a more personalized estimate, connect with Financial Aid.

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