MASP is designed to help Military personnel and their family members enhance their English & Math skills. This FREE, 18-day program helps students build a solid academic foundation, prepare for exams, improve English and Math knowledge, and more! MASP is held in person at MCAGCC 29 Palms Building 1530 5th Street, Room 209. Registration through the CMC Military Base Office is required.

Steps to Enrolling in MASP

  1. Complete an application to Copper Mountain College.
  2. Your application will arrive at CMC approximately 24 hours after it’s submitted.
  3. For semester select “Spring 2023”.
  4. For Educational Goals, choose “Improve Basic Skills.”
  5. Once you pick up your contract for MASP, completely fill in the upper portion of the contract to include your unit supervisors information, including:
    • Their name,
    • Their contact phone number,
    • Their email (Must Be A GySgt or Higher). 
  6. Attach a full copy of your BTR to your application.
    • Your BTR is available at MarineOnline or from IPAC.

You will need to take the TABE Test. TABE Tests are administered every Wednesday on the First floor of the Education Center at 8:30 am. Please try to arrive no later than 8:15 am. Make sure you bring your contract with you so the Education Center staff can record your scores.

Remember to indicate whether you are taking Math, Reading, or Both as well as the class dates you wish to attend.

Classes are filled on a first come first serve basis. Return your completed contract as soon as possible to the Copper Mountain College Base staff for review of your GT Score & TABE Test Score for acceptance into the MASP Course. Students will be contacted if any questions should arise.

You may pick up a MASP contract during business hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) at our Base Programs Office located at Bldg. 1530 room 209.

Next Available MASP Class Dates & Times

Please call 760.366.5201 ext. 4368 for upcoming class dates and times