CARE – Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education

What is CARE?

CARE is a sub-program of EOPS. It is a state funded educational support program for single parent students with dependent children under the age of 18 who are receiving public assistance. CARE provides additional support services such as CARE grants, meal cards, gas cards, bus passes and parent/child activities.

CARE Eligibility

To qualify for CARE a student must:

  • Be eligible for the EOPS program.
  • Be a CalWORKs participant.
  • Be a single-parent head of household as determined by the County.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have at least one child under the age of 18.

CARE Services

CARE students are eligible to receive all EOPS services. In addition, CARE students may be eligible to receive the following “Over and Above” services:

  • Supplemental book vouchers
  • Meal cards to Bruce’s Place
  • Parent/Child Activities
  • Transportation Grant
  • CARE Grant
  • Gas Cards/Bus Passes

CARE Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions About CARE

If only my children are on cash aid, am I eligible for the CARE program?

Yes – only one person in the household needs to be receiving cash aid to be eligible for the program.

I receive only SSI/SDI assistance am I eligible for the CARE program?

No – there must be cash aid through the CalWORKs program which is given to the household each month.

I am receiving CalFresh and Medi-Cal only, am I eligible for the CARE program?

No – CalFresh and Medi-Cal alone are not sufficient for participation in the CARE program. There must be CalWORKs cash assistance in the household.

My spouse and I are both students at CMC and participants in the EOPS program; can we apply for the CARE program for child care assistance?

No – the CARE program is designed to assist single parents.

I am exempt from contracting with Welfare to Work; can I apply for the CARE program?

Yes – a Welfare to Work contract is not required to participate in the CARE program.

I was found ineligible for the EOPS program; can I apply for the CARE program?

No – A CARE student must be a participant in the EOPS program.

Will the CARE program find my child care provider for me?

No – the CARE program does not have access to child care placement, but can help refer students to child care resources.

I am no longer eligible for financial aid – can I still apply for CARE?

Yes – you can still apply for EOPS and CARE; however, you must still apply for Federal Financial Aid each year.

Contact Information

Copper Mountain College
6162 Rotary Way
P.O. Box 1398
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

(760) 366-3791, ext. 4247
(760) 366-5257 fax

Office Location
EOPS is located in the Office of Student Services in the 300 Quad, next to Bruce’s Place.



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Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm
Closed Fridays

Regular Hours
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