Administration of Justice

Degree Information

Administration of Justice

Associates in Science in Administration of Justice For Transfer

Required Courses:

Dept. /No.   Title      Units
CJ-001 Introduction to Criminal Justice – 3
CJ-002 Criminal Law -3

List A – Select two (6 units) courses:
CJ-003, CJ-005A, CJ-006, CJ-010, CJ-030 – 6

List B – Select two (6 units) courses:
Course from List A not already used, SOC-001, SOC-003 or MATH-014, CJ-007 or
CJ-032, PSY-001 – 6

Total Units for the Major – 18-19
General Education (CSU GE or IGETC) Units – 37-39
Transferable elective units as needed. 
Advisor: as assigned 

Administration of Justice for Transfer Overview

The Associate in Science Degree in Administration of Justice for Transfer is designed for students pursuing degrees in Criminal Justice or Administration of Justice. A degree in Administration of Justice enables students to pursue careers in law enforcement, private security, Corrections/Rehabilitation, and various courts and legal occupations. Successful completion of the transfer degree in Criminal Justice guarantees the student acceptance to a local California State University to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Criminal Justice or a related field.

This degree includes the following completion requirements:
(1) Completion of 60 semester units or 90 quarter units that are eligible for transfer to the California State University, including both of the following:
(A) The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University General Education-Breadth Requirements.
(B) A minimum of 18 semester units or 27 quarter units in a major or area of emphasis, as determined by the community college district.
(2) Obtainment of a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program students will be able to:
1. Understand the theoretical and ethical concepts that are incorporated in the academic study of criminal justice.
2. Understand the different levels of abstraction that comprise criminal justice systems and work modalities.
3. Demonstrate the fundamental constructs required to solve real-life issues and problems affiliated with working in criminal
justice occupations.


A degree in Administration of Justice lays the foundation for many other rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling careers.
  • Correctional Officers and Bailiffs
  • Private Detectives and Investigators
  • Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists
  • Security Guards and Gambling Surveillance Officers
  • Customs Inspector
  • Transportation Security
  • Forensic Science Technicians
  • FBI Agents
  • U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Diversion Investigators
  • ICE Agents
  • Secret Service Agents
  • Uniformed Secret Service Police Officers
  • ATF Investigators and Special Agents
  • Deputy U.S. Marshals
  • U.S. Border Patrol Agents
  • Department of Defense Police Officers

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Students must complete the required courses for their major. General education units, transferable electives, and total degree units will vary for each student.  Some considerations include the courses (and their respective units) chosen to complete a general education area or transferable elective, and if required courses  for your major also count toward a general education area. Please see your academic counselor to help you reach your educational goals.