Star Award

The Star Award:

1. Is available to all employees – faculty and classified employees, management, and supervisors.
2. Anyone can nominate an employee for the award.
3. The award will travel from one winner to the next.
4. Awardees will receive recognition and documentation of being Star Award recipients.

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January 2019
Jared Zwicker
Fiscal Services Accountant
For being the glue that holds Copper Mountain College together, and for going above and beyond in all areas of the college.

February 2019
Cathy Inscore
Recommended for the award by Sandy Smith and Sara Hutson in the Foundation for assisting a student who was dealing with the suicide of a family member.

photos of Cathy Itnyre and Eva Kinsman

Cathy Itnyre – May 2019
Nominated by Eva Kinsman:
Cathy has spent hours after her busy work day making and baking dozens of homemade cookies for our female and male basketball teams to enjoy as they travel to each of their away games. Cathy has been a positive and involved faculty member for many years, always going the “extra mile” in support of students and CMC.

January 2019
Christina Eastin
Educational Support Specialist
For seeing Copper Mountain College through a time of transition by covering 1, 2, or 3 jobs at a time.

photo of Jacob Kevari Star Award

March 2019
The Star Award is presented to Jacob Kevari for his excellent work in preparing the campus for the accreditation visit while also serving as the Interim CIO.

January 2019
Professor Leann Christiansen
For leadership in the math department, committees, including Basic Skills. Also for her determination to always see projects through to completion, and for reaching beyond silos to ensure good communication.

photo of Summer Grenzow Star Award

April 2019
Summer Grenzow
Summer consistently goes out of her way to help students with whatever they may need to be successful at CMC. For example, Summer frequently uses our lab to help students complete the FAFSA. Her high-touch approach to serving students and her willingness to learn new things is very appreciated.

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