December 10, 2020

As part of the state’s critical infrastructure, CMC will remain open to serve students with the following updated protocols to reduce the possibility of virus transmission:

  1. Any in-person campus activities will be by appointment only and will continue to require face coverings and a self-administered health screening. Students are encouraged to continue to engage with the campus remotely where possible, however for students who need to come to campus for specific services or require access to the library for study, research, or Wi-Fi, this will be done on an appointment-only basis.
  2. Any in-person course laboratories that are still meeting in-person this semester will shift to remote as of December 14th.

The campus will continue to operate in this manner until at least the start of the spring term.

Our operations will continue having employees work remote and/or rotational schedules where possible to limit opportunities for transmission of the virus, and lectures will continue to be online. For courses with in-person lab instruction, please check with your instructor if you have questions regarding possible changes or specific course details.

Students who have an appointment (Greenleaf Library Appointments – or 760.366.5201, ext. 5293) may use the library to access the internet, research, and study while meeting social distancing and masking expectations. Common areas where students may congregate, such as the Student Activity Center and the Veterans Resource Center, will continue to remain closed.

Students are encouraged to continue where possible to engage with student, instructional, and administrative services via email or telephone.

Student support services will continue to be available remotely and are listed below:

If you have any questions please contact the Public Relations Office at 760.366.3791, ext. 5310.