June 5, 2024

Copper Mountain College (CMC) has been designated as a Teaching College on the California Virtual Campus (CVC) – Online Education Initiative Exchange.  This online platform allows any student across the state to quickly enroll in online courses offered at other eligible community colleges without having to complete another college application, and the same applies for CMC students.

“Copper Mountain College is excited to be a part the California Virtual Campus Exchange as a Teaching College, noted Ramon Abrego III, Dean of Distance Education, and Learning Resources at CMC.  “This will provide easy and equitable access to thousands of course offerings from California Community Colleges which can help students expedite degree completion or transfer to a university. Students from outside the Morongo Basin area can now seamlessly register for our courses, and, in turn, this will serve as an additional enrollment pipeline for our college.”

The Online Education Initiative Exchange is designed to ensure more students are able to achieve their educational goals and successfully complete their degree and/or certificate by increasing access to high-quality online courses.  This means students taking courses at other California Community Colleges may now register for online classes at CMC through the exchange.

Being on the exchange will serve as an additional enrollment pipeline for CMC.  Courses that are Peer Online Course Reviewed on the exchange will receive a “Quality Reviewed Badge” which will result in being higher on search results.  CMC’s Distance Education Faculty Committee invested significant effort in establishing the college’s POCR process.

Additionally, courses that have Zero Textbook Costs and those that offer online tutoring will also improve search results. Faculty have made concerted efforts to adopt Open Educational Resources to lower the cost of education for CMC students.  All these efforts can assist our college with increasing our enrollments.

For more information about the CVC-OEI, visit https://cvc.edu/about-the-oei