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What is the Classified Senate?

The Classified Senate’s mission aligns closely with the guidelines set forth in the Governance Handbook’s section on “Roles and Authority in Decision-Making, Role of Classified Staff.” This includes:

  1. Supporting Student Success:
    • Providing conducive, safe, and clean learning environments.
    • Fostering an inclusive atmosphere that respects diversity.
    • Facilitating student growth and development by allocating resources to meet individual needs.
    • Assisting students with university transfers, career readiness, and skill enhancement.
    • Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce.
    • Backing faculty in delivering comprehensive and innovative curricula.
    • Continuing efforts to raise funds for scholarships.
  2. Advocating for Classified Staff:
    • Representing the diverse needs, concerns, and perspectives of all Classified Staff.
  3. Recognizing Classified Staff:
    • Promoting acknowledgment of Classified Staff contributions.
  4. Fostering Growth:
    • Encouraging professional and personal leadership development through mentorship programs.
  5. Participation in Decision-Making:
    • Serving as the Classified Staff’s voice in Copper Mountain College’s planning and decision-making processes.
  6. Promoting Positive Communication:
    • Encouraging constructive communication and collaboration among all campus groups to uphold Copper Mountain College’s mission.