CMC Campus Art Map Legend

A1: Copper Mountain Campus monument sign, Howard Pierce

A2: Roadrunners sculpture, Howard Pierce

A3: Student Art Installation, Cathy Allen and CMC students

engraved and carved green and red stones

A4: Heritage Court, Ellis Island Immigrant Bas Reliefs, California Sculpture Center

concrete sign with children

A5: Simi Dabah Sculpture Garden

roadrunner observing metal artwork sculptures in the desert

A6: Desert Plant sculptures, Terry Waite

flower-like cacti

A7: Fountain, Howard Pierce

fountain with two figures holding hands in a dirt area on the side of the Copper Mountain College parking lot

A8: Art Department

A9: Student Art Club Mural, Media Studio

A10: CMC Logo sculpture

copper mountain college metal sign sitting on bricks

A11: Simi Dabah sculpture

view of copper mountain college building and large wooden structure

A12: Earth Mobile Kinetic Sculpture, Steve Rieman

reflection of metal artwork in the window

A13: Bagley Room, student art exhibit gallery

A14: Greenleaf Library painting collection, including works by John Hilton, Kathy Hilton, and Henry Mockel prints

artwork of a Joshua Tree sunset in the desert with palm trees, mountains, and shrubbery

A15: Simi Dabah sculptures throughout parking area

A16: Cube sculpture, Simi Dabah