English as a Second Language

Adult Education Program

CMC offers two levels of instruction for ESL learners: Basic and Intermediate classes.

All persons 18 years of age and older, regardless of their educational background, are welcome to participate.  Classes are offered at Yucca Valley Elementary School and Palm Vista Elementary School.

Getting Started/How to Apply

Be assured your information is confidential.

  1. Click here to Apply Online! 
  2. Click on Create My Account. You will need an email address to do this.
  3. Once you have created an account continue to application.
  4. Once the application is completed, please select the current semester year.
  5. Please understand that it will take 24 hours to process.
  6. Start your Classes!

If you need assistance with applying online, please call ACCE East or West or stop by.


– Hours: 8am-5pm
– Address: 57725 Twentynine Palm, Yucca Valley
– Phone: 760-228-2261 ext.3070


– Hours: 2pm-7pm
– Address: 72770 Hatch Road, Twentynine Palms
– Phone: 760-367-1492

Adult Education Program Staff

Frantz Reyes – Part-Time Adult Education Program Coordinator –

Sam Volz – Adult Education Program Assistant –


Yucca Valley Elementary School (YUCCA VALLEY)

– Address: 7601 Hopi Trail, Yucca Valley

Palm Vista Elementary School (TWENTYNINE PALMS)

– Address: 74350 Baseline Rd., Twentynine Palms

ESL Class Photo