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    2015 Greenleaf Scholar and Finalists

    Kamaljot Singh, winner of the 2015 Greenleaf scholarship is a senior at Twentynine Palms High School and is no stranger to Copper Mountain College because he has taken classes here since the beginning of his freshman year in high school.  He says “I always believed the power of life and future is in my hands” and he certainly is on his way to proving that philosophy.


    Sixteen students happily received their first year at Copper Mountain College “on us.” Christopher Bachman, Jacob Bell, Jubilee Bosch, Colby Compton, Kylie Howell, Nicholas Lee, Laura Marie Linton, Mason Marshall, Kathleen Moore, Nhu Huynh, Michael Quinlan, Celeste Reyes, Elizabeth Schmelling, Vanessa Valle, Sophie Wargo, and Derian Williams will receive tuition, books and fees for their first year at Copper Mountain College.

    This pilot program is part of a larger effort by Copper Mountain College to increase both student retention and success by helping to ease the burden of college expenses.


    Annual Golf Tournament

    Saturday, April 23, 2016


    At the beautiful new

    Hawk’s Landing Golf Club in Yucca Valley

    Sponsors (click here)

    Players (click here)

    Proceeds from the Golf Tournament will fund scholarships, book grants, classroom equipment, and subsidized transportation for our local college students. Each year CMC Foundation pays $20,000 to Morongo Basin Transit Authority (MBTA) to allow any and all CMC students to ride the bus for fifty cents instead of the regular fare of $2.50. Our students take the bus more than 1,000 times per week saving them $104,000 annually.  The success of this event depends on your help. Despite the costs that are often required to attend college, higher education is still one of the best investments that students and their families can make, which is why we remain committed to breaking down barriers and promoting access to CMC for everyone in the Morongo Basin.

    Join us on April 23 and tee off for a good cause!

    Greenleaf Scholarship

    Greenleaf Brochure 2016

    Greenleaf Scholarship Application 2016


    2015 Greenleaf Scholarship Recipient

    Calendar of Events

    April 23
    Annual Foundation Golf Tournament at Hawk’s Landing Golf Club in Yucca Valley