You Are Here – Now What?

You are here at Copper Mountain College, so how can you be successful?

Here are some tips:

  1. Identify sources: Know the campus resources that are available to you before you need them.
    • Free tutoring in the Learning Resource Center.
    • Library services via on campus and online are available.
    • Library workshops to help you with your research papers.
    • Scholarships to assist student’s financially.
    • Counseling is available to assist in career choices, choosing majors, time, stress, and anxiety management, developing social and interpersonal skills, self-understanding and solving personal problems that affect your educational progress.
    • ACCESS for Students with Disabilities.
    • EOPS for academically and financially disadvantaged.
    • CARE for single parent students with dependent children under the age of 14 who are receiving public assistance.
    • CalWORKs provides short-term educational training programs.
    • Veterans Services assists eligible veterans, dependents, and reservists in obtaining their VA educational benefits and achieve their educational goals.
  1. Start early: Whether it is assignments, registering, visiting with an adviser, or visiting the tutor center, go early. Research shows that students who start early are more successful than students who don’t.
  1. Take the course: If given the option of taking a student success course, take it. Not all colleges require them, but they are one of the strongest support services a student can have.
    • Enroll in a Learning Community and be assigned a mentor.
    • STDV-065 College and Personal Success (class)
    • ACC-041 Strategies for College Success (Intended for students with disabilities)
  1. Form contacts with peers: Again, research demonstrates that being engaged with others is a strong predictor of success. CMC has many different avenues to engage with other students.
    • Student Clubs
    • Student Activity Center
    • Veterans Resource Center
    • Bruce’s Café 
  1. Visit your professors: Instructors aren’t scary and they enjoy visiting with students. Faculty are more likely to help students who are struggling when they have formed a relationship with them.
    • CMC instructors offer officer hours for students. This is an opportunity for you to go over assignments, discuss your homework or even just talk about the challenges you are facing.
  1. Appreciate feedback: Remember that feedback, even negative feedback, is an opportunity that is why you are here.
  1. Never quit.

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