Scholarships: Tips and Advice

Each spring Copper Mountain College offers returning students the opportunity to apply for scholarships valued over $50,000. Applying for scholarships can seem stressful, however receiving a scholarship is very rewarding and can supply a student with funds that can cover book costs, payments for classes, and supplies.

During the spring semester each year (Mid to Late January to April), current students are encouraged to submit a scholarship application for all CMC-sponsored scholarships by early April. A college wide committee reviews the applications and announces the recipients of the scholarships by June 30th. Students should remember there is a process to earning a scholarship.

No one likes to get a late start on anything, including starting a scholarship. Give yourself time, because if you start early then you finish early. This can give you the leg room you need to develop a clear and concise essay, proofread it, and get your letters of recommendation from one current instructor and a professional references that is not family or friends. The process of preparing an application for a scholarship is tedious; however it is rewarding in the end.

You may be asking yourself questions such as:photo of Greenleaf Scholar students 2018

  • Where can I find an application to these scholarships?
  • How do I know if I qualify?
  • How do I know if I received a scholarship?

All scholarships have their own qualifications based on GPA, Major, and whether the student is full-time, or part-time, etc. You can gather more information on applying for scholarships by visiting Scholarships are important for helping to sustain a students’ education, and CMC encourages all students to apply.