Free College Tuition with the new Copper Mountain Promise Program

Copper Mountain College (CMC) revealed its new Copper Mountain Promise Program at the Board of Trustees meeting August 9, 2018.

This new program, which is funded by the State, will remove some of the financial barriers and help create pathways to increase college readiness, access, affordability, and success for students. The Promise Program will allow eligible first year college students, an opportunity to receive free tuition and text book credit.

First semester students must meet eligibility requirements to receive the free tuition and text book credit. Students must meet with a counselor to determine the reasonableness of the student enrolling in and completing a minimum of 15 units, create a first year or student education plan, file a FAFSA, be a California resident and pass with a cumulative GPA of 2.0.

The Promise program began this semester with CMC reaching out to newly registered, qualified students, who may be able to take advantage of the program. “CMC is excited to offer the Copper Mountain Promise Program. It offers us an opportunity to provide students with an incentive to complete their degree within 2 years and then transfer to a Four-year University or enter the work force! Let us help you to achieve your educational dreams at a very low cost”, says Brian Heinemann, Associate Dean of Student Services.

Students can renew their Promise Program for a second semester by meeting all the following requirements:
attend a Kick-Off event at the beginning of the student’s first semester, complete a Financial Aid Literacy topic, attend an additional First Year Experience event, continue to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0, complete 15 units, and return all reusable books to the Campus Bookstore.

The Copper Mountain Promise Program is available as long as there is State Funding. Portions of this program may change as funding changes.

If you have additional questions regarding this article or would like to learn more about Copper Mountain College, please call 760.366.3791.