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ASAP Template

Copy Request Slip 


How to use CurriQunet to view your Course Outline of Record

How to Revise a COR

PLO Assessment Report 

Required Elements of a Syllabus

Sabbatical Leave Application 

SLO Assessment Report Form

SLO Assessment – Video: Aligning Outcomes and Assessments in Canvas

Syllabus Template

Textbook Policy

For online and hybrid instruction: Regular Effective Contact Policy

Accessibility:  Some of you may already know about the Ease of Access features available on Windows (PC) and iOS (Mac). Features such as the Narrator that will read the screen for you, changing the sizes and colors of pointers and cursors, changing the colors of your display, and more!  

  1. Here’s a 9-minute video about how to use the Windows 10 Accessibility Features (published July 2020).
  2. Here’s a great article about Accessibility on Mac: The Ultimate Guide (published May 21, 2020).
  3. Here’s a well-done 7:36 video by the Web Accessibility Initiative about Web Accessibility Perspectives wherein they show exactly how the accessibility features are, “essential for some and useful for all.”
Canvas Tips with Mike Danza

How do I Create a Module?


How do I Create an Assignment?


How do I Create a Quiz?


How do I Add a Discussion?


How do I Add a Page?


How do I use ConferZoom?

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio Overview:

How to Embed a Video:

How to Record Screen and Webcam at Same Time:

Turnitin SimCheck (Plagiarism detection)

We have integrated Turnitin SimCheck, a plagiarism detection software, into Canvas.  Below are the user guides to help you and your students get started:

Here is the Instructor Guide:

Here is the Student Guide:

Proctorio - remote proctoring service

Proctorio is a remote proctoring service software that works within your web browser to monitor test takers for suspicious behavior.

Canvas Demo Video:
Canvas Instructor’s Getting Started Guide:
Canvas Creating an Exam with Proctorio:
Canvas Proctorio Gradebook:
Canvas Test-taker Guide:

Labster - a robust virtual lab

Labster is a company dedicated to developing fully interactive advanced lab simulations based on mathematical algorithms that support open-ended investigations. We combine these with gamification elements such as an immersive 3D universe, storytelling and a scoring system which stimulates students’ natural curiosity and highlights the connection between science and the real world.

Here is a link to learn more including videos:

Here is a link to upcoming webinars: