Copper Mountain College embraces the principles of participatory governance embodied in AB1725 and Title 5. As a reflection of that commitment, we strive to include all campus constituencies – students, classified staff, faculty and administration – in the consultation and decision-making discourses.

Embedded in the principle of participatory governance is the importance of all students, staff, faculty and administrators, and the value of their contributions to Copper Mountain College.

Participatory governance is not limited to constituent involvement on committees, but must be part of daily life for all members of each constituency, as we listen to one another and learn from the expertise each brings to the fulfillment of Copper Mountain College’s mission as a community college. Demonstrating respect for one another is a critical part of making this concept work. Participatory governance must be part of all our interactions, and we must make interaction habitual in decision-making.

Participatory Governance
Academic Calendar
Budget Advisory Committee
Classified Senate
College Council


The mission of the College Council is to serve as the primary participatory governance committee of the district. Through collaborative consultation, the College Council will receive information, disseminate information out to constituency groups and report feedback, hear and share opinions, focus on campus-wide issues, and receive, review and recommend policy to the Superintendent/President. The College Council will annually initiate the review of the College’s Mission Statement and report back with any recommendations from constituency groups. The collaborative recommendations for any changes in the Mission Statement will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval through the Superintendent/ President. The College Council is the final constituency based recommending body for items needing Board of Trustee approval through the Superintendent/ President. Through Title 5 of the California Education Code, the Board of Trustees of Copper Mountain Community College District has committed to collegial consultation with the Academic Senate regarding matters of curriculum. These matters will not be considered by College Council.


Superintendent/President (Chair)
All Vice Presidents
Human Resources Manager
Chief of Campus Facilities
Chief Business Officer
Academic Senate President
CMC Faculty Association President
Accreditation Liasion Officer
Classified Senate President or Designee
Confidential Employee Designee
California Schools Employees Association President
Associated Students of CMC President or Designee
Executive Director of the CMC Foundation


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Equal Employment Opportunity Committee
Institutional Effectiveness Committee


Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Chair
One Management Representative
One CMCFA Representative
One Academic Senate Representative
One CSEA/Classified Senate Representative
One ASCMC Representative

The Mission of the Committee is:

The mission of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) is to monitor, review, and recommend action for continuous quality improvement of the college’s plans, processes, and functions that drive student success.

Meeting Schedule

2nd Monday of each month in the Presidents Office from 1:30-2:30 pm.

Technology Committee