President’s Office

President’s Office

Welcome to Copper Mountain College

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Welcome to Copper Mountain College and thank you for making the decision to invest in your future through education. I sincerely believe that the most important product that a community college offers students is opportunity, and the knowledgeable faculty and staff of Copper Mountain College are sincerely dedicated to providing you the very best educational opportunity available anywhere.

I am proud to be serving this world class educational institution as Superintendent / President.  I hope you will take advantage of the many student support services and student focused resources available here at CMC. It is important to us that you feel welcome and that you receive the attention and support you need to realize successful achievement of your educational goals.

Here at Copper Mountain College, we emphasize the most important activity on any college campus: the teaching-learning process. We strive to provide a highly personalized learning experience so that you are treated as an individual as you engage, grow, and achieve. Our students excel in gaining future employment and in continuing their education at four-year universities because of the personal attention and experience gained while attending Copper Mountain College.

You have chosen well by selecting CMC. Because a college education is one of the most important investments you will ever make in yourself, you can be confident that your time and effort at CMC will prepare you for the career or four year educational pursuit that you choose.  We believe that Copper Mountain College offers the very best in terms of academic quality and value for all who attend. We invite you to become part of the legacy of successful Copper Mountain College graduates.

Please join us in having a successful and rewarding 2018-2019 academic year!

Best wishes,

Jeff A. Cummings
Superintendent / President