President’s Office

Welcome to Copper Mountain College! I am truly excited that you are focused on higher education to support and propel you toward photo of Dr. Daren Ottenpersonal goals. Education truly opens doors and will provide opportunities as you navigate the future. It is truly the one thing that you will always take with you!

Copper Mountain College is a special place that is committed to each of you to be successful on your individual path and provide you the best education possible. The faculty, staff, and administration are all here to provide the support that you need, when you need it.

Make the most of this time and opportunity. Learn to learn. Ask questions. Get involved. Challenge yourself. Join a club. Find an internship. Learn from failure and success. Know that learning happens inside and outside of the classroom. We are an institute of learning, and this is a safe place to try, grow, learn, connect, and know that our programs are aligned to support you in personal development, into the workforce or onto a University. If you need something in order to be successful please ask. Learn to self-advocate, and remember this is your community college and that all of us are here for you.

I hope to meet each of you and ultimately join you to celebrate your accomplishments when you earn a certificate or degree from Copper Mountain College!

Have an amazing 2019-20.

In Service,

Daren M. Otten, Ed.D