Safety & Health

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Safety & Health

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This page has been established to serve the safety & health of our campus community.

The Safety Committee has been established in accordance with Cal/OSHA, CSEA and CMCFA.

The Safety Committee meets on the first Friday of each month in the Maintenance and Operations Office from 1-2 p.m. Agenda items are due the Tuesday before the scheduled meeting.  

Committee Members:

Chairperson: Kevin Cole

Vice Chairperson: Meredith Plummer

Secretary: Emily Helm

Faculty Member: Bruce Bridenbecker

Faculty Member: Paul Friedt

Classified Member: Jeff DeMorrow

Classified Member: Scott Keane

Workers’ Compensation – Employee Responsibilities
Work-Related Emergency

In a Work-Related Emergency Call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest health care provider or emergency room regardless of whether they are a Wellcomp Medical Provider Network (MPN) participant. (A work-related emergency is defined as a medical condition, starting with the sudden onset of severe symptoms that, without immediate medical attention, could place your health in serious jeopardy).

  • Contact your Supervisor and Human Resources at the earliest possible convivence, after treatment.
  • Pick up, fill out and turn in the Worker’s Compensation packet from HR.
  • Send ALL doctors’ notes for initial treatment, follow-up visits, and/or therapy visits to the HR Office by fax or through district mail (on the day of treatment if possible).  Fax information to (760) 366-5258 or send through district mail to Human Resources Office.
ALL other work-related injuries or illnesses
  1. If you are injured on the job, report the injury to your supervisor immediately, then call COMPANY NURSE© 1-888-375-0280 (24hrs/7days), where you will speak to a registered nurse who will take your information and either refer you for medical treatment or give care advice.
  2. If medical treatment is declined on initial call to COMPANY NURSE©, but is later necessary, you must call COMPANY NURSE© back for a medical referral AND notify your supervisor.

If You Require Medical Treatment

  1. Copper Mountain College participates in the MPN for treatment of workers’ compensation injuries. Unless you have properly pre-designated a personal health care provider, before your injury, you must obtain treatment through an MPN provider. Employees will be held responsible for self-procured or out of MPN treatment.
  2. You will have no out-of-pocket cost. Go to the medical facility advised by COMPANY NURSE© for initial treatment. If applicable, give the pharmacy the Pharmacy First Fill Form (8.5 x 11 page) from the packet. They can call myMatrixx (877) 804-4900 if they need authorization or have questions.
  3. All Follow-Up Treatments: Must be performed by an approved workers’ compensation physician or facility and must be pre-authorized by York RSG, our Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrator.

After Medical Treatment:

  • If you’re released to Return to Work on REGULAR duty, you must obtain authorization from the medical facility to return to work (even if no time is lost) and send it to the HR Office.
  • If you’re released to Return to Work on MODIFIED/LIGHT duty, before you can return to work, you must meet with your supervisor who will work with the Human Resources Office to determine if you’re able to perform your duties while accommodating your restrictions. When on Modified Duty, any injury-related medical appointments will be on your own time, using sick or vacation leave. Working with your supervisor, you may also flex your schedule around the appointments.
  • If you’re NOT released to Return to Work with the stipulated restrictions, you will remain on workers’ compensation leave*. It will be your responsibility to notify the appropriate people by phone AND email. Only absences specifically required by the treating doctor will be accepted as workers’ compensation. Send paperwork restricting you from work to the HR Office.
  • Medical appointments for work related injuries should be made before or after working hours whenever possible, and if not possible, the appointment should be scheduled to minimize time away from work.

* For additional information see: CSEA Contract section on Industrial Injury or Illness Leave; or the CMCFA Contract section on Industrial Accident or Illness Leave.

All absences for treatment must be verified by a note from the treating facility. Send ALL doctors’ notes for initial treatment, follow-up, and/or therapy visits to the HR Officer by Fax (760) 366-5258 or email, Danielle Jackson:, and CC Bonnie Bilger:

If you have any questions regarding your Workers’ Compensation benefits, please contact CMC’s Human Resources Office, at (760)366-5267.