Elementary Teacher Education

Elementary Teacher Education 

Associate in Arts in Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer

Required Courses 

Dept. /No. –  Title –  Units
BI-004 Elements of Biology – 3
BI-004L Elements of Biology Laboratory – 1
CD-010 Child Development – 4
CH-003 Introductory General Chemistry – 4
EDUC-010Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching – 3
ENG-003A College Composition – 3
HS-001 Personal and Community Healthy – 3
HIST-003 History of World Civilizations – 3
HIST-017 U.S. History through Reconstruction – 3
HIST-019 California History – 3
MATH-016 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers – 3
PH-001 Introductory Physics – 4
PS-001 Introduction to Government – 3

Select one (1) course form the following:
SP-001, SP-004, SP-015 – 3

Select one (1) course from the following:
PHIL-010, SOC-004, SP-007 – 3

Select one (1) course from the following:
ART-010, ART-050, ART-051, MUS-010, TA-001 – 3

Select one (1) course from the following:
ENG-001B, ENG-001C, ENG-012A, ENG-012B, SP-002 – 3

Select one (1) course from the following:
ASL-002, SPAN-002, SPAN-003, SPAN-004 – 4-5

Select one (1) course from the following:
PHIL-006, PHIL-008, PHIL-013, PHIL-014 – 3

Select one (1) course from the following:
CIS-070A, CS-073 – 3

Select one (1) course from the following:
PE-043 through PE-098 – 1

Minimum Transferable Units – 60
Advisor: Please see your CMC counselor. 

Program Map

Overview and Student Learning Outcomes

The Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Studies for Elementary School Preparation is designed for students who want to become elementary school teachers (Multiple Subject Teaching Credential) in the state of California. The Liberal Studies degree is specifically designed for students who transfer to California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) and pursue the Liberal Studies, General Track. Those students who plan to transfer to a university other than CSUSB and follow a Liberal Studies degree or program for elementary school teaching, please consult with a counselor or access ASSIST for more detailed requirements at, and consult the catalog of the transfer institution. The Liberal Studies requirements for this degree are specifically for CSUSB.

Program Student Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this program students will be able to:
1. Locate and use information to make informed and responsible personal and professional decision. (Institutional SLOs: Personal Development and Information Competency)
2. Communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and formats. (Institutional SLOs: Communication)
3. Apply essential mathematical and symbolic reasoning skills to quantitatively solve problems, evaluate arguments and chains of reasoning, and interpret information in a variety of discipline areas. (Institutional SLOs: Critical Thinking) 4. Explore, question, compare, and analyze moral, aesthetic, scientific, and cultural ideas and works. (Institutional SLOs: Critical Thinking)
5. Integrate knowledge and ideas in a coherent and meaningful manner. (Institutional SLOs: Critical thinking)
6. Practice independent thinking tempered by respect for others and the environment. (Institutional SLOs: Critical Thinking and Ethics)
7. Value and pursue lifelong learning. (Institutional SLOs: Personal Development)

Students must complete the required courses for their major. General education units, transferable electives, and total degree units will vary for each student.  Some considerations include the courses (and their respective units) chosen to complete a general education area or transferable elective, and if required courses  for your major also count toward a general education area. Please see your academic counselor to help you reach your educational goals.