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Student Government

Associated Student Government of Copper Mountain (ASCMC)

The Associated Student Government of Copper Mountain College endeavors to reflect and represent the

undergraduate opinion, to help organize and coordinate programs of co-curricular and extracurricular nature, to cooperate

effectively with the faculty and administration in the areas of common interest to all as a college community.

Associated Students of Copper Mountain College Bylaws

Associated Students of Copper Mountain College Constitution

Photo of ASCMC Officers

ASCMC Advisor
Professor Jim Powell, 


Ryan Fauls ~ President
Jenn De Falco ~ Vice President
Beth Botonis ~ Secretary
Nathan Henry ~ Treasurer
Yvonna Mullen ~ Student Trustee

All CMC Student Clubs

The Club mission statement:

Be a voice for all CMC students in eliminating barriers of attitude, architecture and communication, raising awareness and education about disabilities and disability issues for the betterment of Copper Mountain College and the community.


Students with ABILITIES

The Students with Abilities Club, which has been in existence since the 1999-2000 school year, is made up of students with and without disabilities.  Each year for the past decade, the club has raised funds through bake sales, recycling, and other activities to send children to Camp Forrest, the summer camp sponsored by Angel View Crippled Children’s Foundation, and to fund full-time and part-time scholarships for students at Copper Mountain College.  Also, in large part due to the efforts of students in the club, the safety and accessibility of the campus have been improved.  Part of the mission of the club is to raise awareness and to educate people about disabilities.  Club members are highly visible participants in CMC Student Government Association, serve as college ambassadors, and participate in community events.  In addition, the club has sponsored several highly effective awareness-raising events.
The Club meets the first and third Wednesday of the month in Bruce’s Place at the college from 11:45 am to  12:45 pm.  We discuss club business and ways to improve the club as well as the campus.  EVERYONE is welcome.


President: Jenn De Falco,

Faculty Advisor:

ASL Club

President: AnnMarie Gioscio,

Advisor: Heidi Pieper, hpieper@cmccd.ed

Auto Club

The Auto Club is open to all students interested in participating in activities that support and promote the Automotive Program at CMC.

President: Joshua Kane,

Advisor: Professor Paul Friedt

Fire Technology Club

President: Shane De Falco,

Advisor: James Brakebill,

The Fitness Club

Contact Devin Aye, Athletic Director for information,

Gaming Club


Every Thursday, the Gaming Club will be host a cohesive social climate amidst fellow students with the goal of enjoying the company of others, and the potential to make new lasting friendships! To become a member, simply attend two meetings as per the days shown below.

This semester and beyond we will strive towards the following goals:

    • TESPA esports sponsorship, and more!
    • Collaborative Tournaments with other clubs on campus.
    • Raising funds to further the club’s activity options.
    • Game Agnostic options for anyone interested in having fun. People are encouraged to bring their own games as well!

Anything up to PG-13 rated games are allowed (others will have to go through an approval process, see below statement.)

Club activities start at 9 or 10 am in the Student Activity Center and end at 6 pm.

Meetings start at 3 pm in the Student Activity Center.

Club Officers

Club Founder/President:  Henry Sandfer 
Vice President/ICC Representative: Vacant
Secretary:  Kaitlyn McAllen
Treasurer: Richard Tutchenhaggen
Ambassador/ASCMC Representative: Vacant

Club Advisor: Mike Danza, Professor in Sociology

Note: Only games rated PG-13 [T for Teen] are usually permitted. Consult our Master Gaming List for games over this rating that have been made permissible for play or not by the ASCMC (Associated Students of Copper Mountain College) last year. New submissions for review to be added to the Master Gaming List will be overseen by Jolie Alpin in the Presidents Office as voted on by the ASCMC with our approved Fall 2018 charter. If you would like to request your game be allowed to be played in the Student Activity Center, email Henry Sandfer . Make sure to provide supporting evidence to your claim that the game should be permissible to play in the Student Activity Center.

Phi Theta Kappa: Beta Rho Pi


Literary Arts Club


President: Jenn De Falco,

Vice President:



Advisor: Dr. David Norton,

Service Club

The CMC Service Club is established to provide service opportunities to the school, community, and world in areas of need. The moto of the Club is: Serving Our College, Our Community, Our World. We encourage anyone who is interested in joining to contact the club’s advisor at for further information.

Photo of service club students volunteering at JTNP


President: Alexis Watkins,
Vice President: Vacant
Treasure: Vacant 
Faculty Advisor: Jim Powell –

photo of service club students volunteering at food pantry

Service club students volunteering at food pantry

photo of advisor and students from service club in tortoise preserve

Service Club advisor and students helping in tortoise preserve

Spectrum Club


President: Carly Jacobs,

Vice President: Savannah Szabo, 

Secretary: Olivia Condley,

Treasurer: vacant


Marissa Salomon, Counselor Career Technical Education,

Dr. David Norton, Coordinator of Developmental Education,

Student Veterans of Copper Mountain College

photo of veterans booth during club dayStudent Veterans of Copper Mountain College (SVCMC) invite all student Veterans and active duty military to stop by Bud & Betty’s Place for Veterans, Located in the 300 Quad opposite Bruce’s Place.

To learn more about the SVCMC stop by and speak with one of the members or talk to Veterans Services at 760.366.3791 ext. 5813 or email

photo of student veteran in fire fighter gear on rock climbing wall