Internships Available to CMC Students

As a CMC student, you have the opportunity to participate in an internship to gain hands-on work experience in your prospective field of study. Local internships students have had the opportunity to complete in the past include:

The many ways students can benefit from an internship include:

  1. One-Hundred hours of on the job experience/training in the field of their choice.
  2. An internship look great on a university application.
  3. An internship look great on a resume.
  4. An internship opens up networking opportunities with others in the same career field.
  5. An internship opens up job opportunities.
  6. All students who successfully complete an internship get an Amazon Kindle Fire (generously provided by the CMC Foundation).

Look at the map to see the past local internships that students have had.  I will reach out to any local business, you might want to intern with.   For more information about current internship opportunities, please contact Daniel House at 323-559-6879 or

For an internship checklist, interest form and application, click here.