Copper Mountain College Honors Professor White

Copper Mountain College’s (CMC) Academic Senate voted to honor long-time Professor John White during the 2016 graduation rehearsal breakfast that he originated in May of 2000, which was the first official commencement celebration after becoming its own District.

Professor White, who served 38 years as a full-time Science Professor, recently passed away. He began teaching at CMC in January, 1973 when it was part of College of the Desert. His dedication and devotion to Copper Mountain College and its students was remembered during this year’s breakfast by naming it the John White Memorial Graduation Breakfast. Dean Pieper, Academic Senate President stated, “John was loved by our students for the very reason that he was the same in the classroom as he was in front of the grill slinging hash browns for a hundred graduates. He greeted everyone with a smile and his congenial sense of humor”.

The graduation rehearsal breakfast is the time faculty honors the hard work of their graduates. When students arrive, they go through rehearsal to prepare them for their special evening. During this time, faculty members cook breakfast and serve the students after rehearsal. Although Professor White retired in 2011, he continued to return every year during rehearsal breakfast to congratulate CMC students. He has touched many students, faculty, and staff, and his memory will live on through naming this breakfast in his honor.