Copper Mountain College Foundation honors Jane Smith

Copper Mountain College Foundation was pleased to present a Resolution of Appreciation and Honorary Life Directorship to Jane Smith at their recent Installation Dinner.

Mrs. Smith joined the Board of Directors of the Foundation in 2003. She personified an enduring commitment of time, influence, and personal resources toward furthering the Foundation’s mission of “expanding educational opportunities in the Morongo Basin.”

Jane served as the Vice-President for the Foundation Board of Directors for three consecutive terms from 2004 through 2007 and served two consecutive terms as the President from 2007 through 2009, a challenging period where Foundation leaders worked to rebuild the Board while weathering financial setbacks associated with the Great Recession and the near impossible task of bringing the construction of the Bell Center to fruition.

Her administrative leadership over five years offered reassurances born of a steadying calm that drew support from the surrounding arts communities, local chambers, and civic organizations that recognized and respected her efforts on behalf of all CMC students. In addition her high regard for students, family, and the well-being of the Morongo Basin, personifies in a very real way the importance of the “Community” in the name of our Foundation and College.

For more information about the Copper Mountain College Foundation or how to get involved please contact Sandy Smith at 760-366-3791 ext. 4200.