Communication Studies Degree

Associate in Arts in Communication Studies for Transfer

Required Courses 

Dept. /No. –  Title –  Units
SP-001 Interpersonal Communication – 3
SP-002 Oral Interpretation of Literature – 3
SP-004 Public Speaking – 3
SP-007 Decision-Making and Advocacy – 3
SP-015 Intercultural Communication – 3

Select one (1) course from the following (3 units):
ANTH-002, ENG-001B, MC-001, PSY-001, SOC-001 – 3

Total Units for the Major – 18

General Education (CSU GE or IGETC) Units – 37-39

Elective (CSU Transferable) Units as Needed – 5


Advisor: J. DeSantis

Program Map 

Program Student Learning Outcomes - Communication - For Transfer

Upon successful completion of this program students will be able to:
1. Apply the vocabulary, key concepts, and foundational principles of Communication Studies. (Institutional SLOs: Communication,  Critical Thinking, and Information Competency)
2. Demonstrate an awareness of diverse communication climates and utilize effective rhetorical strategies and ethical considerations when researching, composing, and presenting materials of scholarly, social, and artistic value. (Institutional SLOs: Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Development, Ethics, and Information Competency)
3. Utilize critical thinking as a consumer of communication and as a self-reflective communicator. (Institutional SLOs: Communication, Critical Thinking, Person

Communication - For Transfer Overview

Communication includes degree programs in Communication Studies, and English. The Communication Program offers exciting, enriching, and challenging educational opportunities for students in Transfer and Occupational (Non-transfer) programs. Language is vital. The written and spoken word is essential to achieving goals and appreciating a diversity of perspectives, cultures, and languages. A wide range of courses is offered to help students reach their objectives, including English, mass communication, reading, and speech. Foreign language and Humanities are Programs listed separately from Communication. NOTE: Students applying any of the Communication required courses to their general education package will make up an equivalent number of units by additional study in the major chosen in consultation with an advisor from the Communications Program.

Associate in Arts in Communication Studies for Transfer Guarantee lays the foundation for many other rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling careers.

  • Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers
  • Desktop publishers
  • Reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts
  • Technical writers
  • Writers and authors
  • Public relations specialists
  • Reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts

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Students must complete the required courses for their major. General education units, transferable electives, and total degree units will vary for each student.  Some considerations include the courses (and their respective units) chosen to complete a general education area or transferable elective, and if required courses  for your major also count toward a general education area. Please see your academic counselor to help you reach your educational goals.