Get Your Library On!

Many students enter college not knowing how to use an academic library or how to research. For example, did you know that the classification system in an academic library is different than that of a public library? Did you know that when researching a paper there are many more (and better!) strategies than searching Google? […]

100 Charter Members Reached at Copper Mountain College

Copper Mountain College Athletic Booster Club has reached the 100 charter member mark and will soon be celebrating our own teams in the Bell Center. Last August Copper Mountain College Foundation kicked off a campaign to fund the first year of an athletic program at CMC. The goal was 100 lifetime members of the Athletic […]

You Are Here – Now What?

You are here at Copper Mountain College, so how can you be successful? Here are some tips: Identify sources: Know the campus resources that are available to you before you need them. Free tutoring in the Library resource center. Library services via on campus and online are available. Library workshops to help you with your […]